BREAKING NEWS:  Stephanie Thomas, who challenged Gail Lavielle in 2018 for the state representative seat representing the 143rd district, has announced her 2020 campaign to challenge Lavielle once again.

This morning the Wilton Democratic Town Committee sent out an email announcing Thomas’ campaign and asking for donations. The email is a letter from Thomas to Wilton Democrats, in which she writes:

“In June of 2018 many of you joined me in what seemed an impossible venture – unseating a 4-term incumbent. Although I had a late start, no experience in campaigning, and no campaign manager, we managed to do the impossible together! We won the vote in Norwalk. We won the vote in Westport. And we lost by just a hair in Wilton.”

She later continues, “I am once again calling upon all of you to support my efforts in 2020. With time on our side this year, I am confident that we can flip the seat Democratic!”

In the 2018 election, Lavielle won with 51.5% of the vote (6,094) to Thomas’ 48.5% (5,733). In Wilton, Lavielle won by 630 votes (3,234 to 2,604).

The 143rd district represents two of Wilton’s three voting precincts. Also included in the district are parts of Westport and Norwalk.


5 replies on “BREAKING NEWS: Stephanie Thomas to Challenge Gail Lavielle”

  1. I’m thrilled to hear about Stephanie Thomas’ candidacy. At all levels of government, we need fresh, more inclusive perspectives, more integrity toward the common good and less politics for politics’ sake. Stephanie brings all of those things to Wilton and more.

  2. Congratulations Heather for scooping me! One line missing from my letter reads “Our Democratic trifecta in Hartford has gotten a lot done, but there is still more to do. I hope to gain a seat at the table to move our agendas forward.” I am running once again to bring a focus on action to our state legislature. I have heard from expert after expert that in order to spur economic development in our state, we need to invest in our infrastructure and transportation, train individuals for the jobs of the future that our companies cannot fill, provide affordable housing options for young people to keep them in our state, and engage and retain our current businesses while attracting new ones.

    I have heard from many in the district that our climate goals cannot wait until 2040, our kids cannot be terrorized by the threat of gun violence any longer, that our healthcare system has work to do, that college debt is crippling families, and I’ve heard fear around new threats like vaping.

    We are often polarized by political parties, by town of residency, by the things that make us different. Our solutions cannot be found in silos. We must come together in a spirit of URGENCY to solve our problems; we must work together even when it is difficult and we disagree on how to get there. Most importantly, we have to move forward quickly. The well being of our state and our district depends on it.

    I have just returned from a breakfast hosted by the Wilton Chamber of Commerce and apparently the term “Open for Business” is one of the most overused tag lines in the nation. However, I am in a very real way open for business and I encourage anyone interested in learning more to reach out to me at My door is always open.

  3. I’m curios to hear what Ms. Thomas’ position is on issues like tolls and the ever increasing taxes on CT residents. Come November, my vote will be based on the issues that matter to me and my family and not simply by who is a Democrat or Republican. I agree that we need new ideas to get out of the mess were in but Ms. Thomas’ message seems to repeat the current CT Democratic platform. Where are the new ideas? Also she doesn’t mention of one of Wilton’s most pressing concerns……school regionalization. I will be following closely what both candidates have to say before making up my mind.

  4. Gail is such a wonderful representative. She continues to fiercely advocate for her constituents best interests. I do hope Gail keeps her seat.

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