BREAKING NEWS–Tuesday, Nov. 7, 8:15 P.M.:  Polls have closed at 8 p.m. and with only unofficial tallies in from Wilton’s three polling places, GOOD Morning Wilton is projecting the following unofficial likely results in the contested races (results will be confirmed once write-in, absentee and election day registrant ballots are tabulated and added to the totals):

(Projected, likely winners in BOLD)

Board of Selectmen

Deborah McFadden (D)

Joshua Cole (R)

Lori Bufano (R)

Al Alper (Petition)

Board of Education

Deborah Low (D)

Gretchen Jeanes (D)

Andrea Preston (R)

Glenn Hemmerle (R)

Planning & Zoning 4 Years

Eric Fanwick (D)

Doris Knapp (D)

Peter Shiue (R)

Sally Poundstone(R)

Chris Pagliaro (R)

Melissa Rotini (Petition)

The unconfirmed results in the uncontested races show the following vote totals. These totals do NOT include absentee ballots.

Board of Finance

Richard Creeth (D)

Stewart Koenigsberg (R)

Jeffrey Rutishauser (R)

Planning & Zoning 2 Years

Bas Nabulsi

Rick Tomasetti

Matthew Murphy

Board of Assessment Appeals

Rudy Hoefling (R)

Zoning Board of Appeals

Tom Gunther (D)

Kenny Rhodes (R)

Zoning Board of Appeals – Alternate

Jaclyn Coleman (D)

Tracy Serpa (R)


Bo Mitchell (D)

Ernest Ricco (D)

Warren Serenbetz (R)

Christopher Gardner (R)

Raymond Tobiassen (R)