BREAKING NEWS: Wilton Releases Vaccine Appointment Link for People 75-and-Up

BREAKING NEWS:  Monday, Jan. 13, 12:30 p.m.–Wednesday morning, Wilton officials announced that the state of Connecticut’s online vaccine registration portal is now available for residents aged 75-and-up to begin scheduling COVID vaccination appointments.

Appointments for residents aged 75-and-up are available beginning Monday, Jan. 18. However, if a same-day appointment is available prior to Monday, residents in the 75-plus age group are able to schedule for same-day spots.

Residents in this age group are the first cohort in Phase 1.b. of the state’s vaccination distribution plan to be able to receive vaccine doses.

In order to ensure that any Phase 1.a. medical emergency workers still in need of vaccine appointments are able to do so through the weekend. Residents are asked to honor instructions given by Gov. Ned Lamont and schedule appointments beginning next Monday.

Once registered on the portal, individuals may schedule at any location in any community.

If an appointment is scheduled and subsequently the date or time needs to be changed, the appointment must first be canceled before rescheduling a new date/time.

Individuals are asked to cancel on the portal if they are unable to make the appointment. Officials say that even a last-minute cancellation will allow someone else to receive the vaccine.

It is expected that state health officials will release a phone number to call to schedule appointments either Wednesday night, Jan. 13, or Thursday, Jan. 14.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice asked residents to refrain from calling the Wilton Health Department with registration questions. Instead, anyone with questions about the registration process should contact Wilton’s Director of Social Services Sarah Heath or Vanderslice’s assistant Jackie Rochester.

The link to register is available through the CT Department of Public Health.


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