Look what we spotted today on our regular rounds around town! New directional signs pointing out to drivers on Rt. 7 where Wilton Center is located were posted early Wednesday, March 9.

There are four, blue-and-white signs posted at the major Rt. 7 (Danbury Rd.) intersections that lead into the downtown commercial district. There is one sign on each northbound and southbound side at the intersection with Rt. 33/Ridgefield Rd. and one sign on each northbound and southbound side at the intersection with Wolfpit Rd..

A call to the first selectman’s office confirms that the signs were put up to replace those that were taken down during the Rt. 7 widening project. That project started back in December, 2006 and was completed in 2010.

The move to replace the signs is also something that many residents have mentioned in past discussions surrounding the ways Wilton can boost economic development and commercial support for retailers and businesses located in Wilton Center. “You can’t shop in Wilton if you don’t know it’s there…” is anecdotally a refrain that is heard when conversations have taken place. Those were sentiments expressed most recently during an October meet-and-greet with Wilton’s realtors that first selectman Lynne Vanderslice held when she was a candidate and running for the office she now occupies.

GOOD Morning Wilton was at that meeting, and these comments were just two of other similar opinions offered:

“People have to find Wilton Center. We have a sign at River Rd. and at Rte. 33, but there are no signs [on Rte. 7] pointing in to Wilton Center. People say, ‘Where is Wilton Center? I didn’t even know it existed. Where is it?’”

“I spoke with the husband of the woman who did the yellow sculpture piece on River Rd. He said, ‘I’ve lived here for 30 years in Weston, and I never knew this section of Wilton existed.’ I was flabbergasted! He said, ‘You should advertise it more.’”

Well, now there are signs.