As voting concluded Saturday evening at 6 p.m., Wilton voters approved the town’s FY 2015 town budget, although fewer than 15 percent of Wilton’s 11,236 eligible voters turned out–making the budget pass by default. Only 9.6 percent of Wilton voters cast their votes this year.

The budget passed with 668 votes cast to approve, 372 voters who voted “no, too high,” and 17 voters who voted “no, too low.”

The budget as approved reflects a Board of Selectmen’s budget of $31,766,767 and a school budget of $78,401,125.

Also on the ballot were five capital bonded projects–all five passed, although some were more eagerly accepted by voters according to the results.

  • Engine-tanker fire truck:  853 in favor, 204 opposed
  • Road Restoration:  885 in favor, 170 opposed
  • Comstock Community Center Renovations:  577 in favor, 486 opposed
  • Ambler Farm Improvements: 619 in favor, 437 opposed
  • School Security Upgrades: 695 in favor, 359 opposed

The new mill rate will be 26.5132.