Yesterday evening, (Wednesday, Nov. 16) The Wilton Police Department arrested 26-year-old Hunter Scott McGinty of Danbury on multiple charges of sexual assault. McGinty, a certified nursing assistant at the Wilton Meadows Health Care nursing home, was arrested on two warrants for sexual assault involving patients who reside there–the first for sexual assault in the 4th degree involving an 82-year-old female, and three counts of sexual assault in the 2nd degree involving a 66-year-old female.

According to the arrest release, Wilton Police were contacted on Monday, Nov. 14, by Wilton Meadows (439 Danbury Rd.) staff with a report of inappropriate contact between a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and an 82-year-old female patient.

According to Lt. Stephen Brennan, Wilton’s public information officer, the incident that occurred on Monday was immediately reported by another CNA to Wilton Meadows administrative staff, who contacted police, and that through the course of the investigation, “with full cooperation from the staff at Wilton Meadows, it was learned that the accused inappropriately touched the victim during the course of his duties.”

“We subsequently conducted an interview and Mr. McGinty was very cooperative, and provided us with that information, in addition to other information, which led to the second investigation and a second arrest,” Brennan says.

The investigation identified a second female victim age 66, who was allegedly assaulted at the same facility during the months of August and September. Warrants were issued and McGinty was taken into custody Wednesday evening at a residence in Ridgefield.

The accused was held in lieu of $32,500.00 cash bond and will appear in court for arraignment later today, Thursday, Nov. 17.