The Wilton Historical Society is hosting a fun family event this weekend that gives family members of all ages a taste of hands-on history.

This Saturday, May 21, the Historical Society invites Wilton to “Barn, Blacksmith & BBQ” from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.. It will take place on the beautiful grounds of the Wilton Historical Society at 224 Danbury Rd./Rte. 7, in and around the 18th- and 19th-century houses and barns. The suggested donation is $10 per family. New this year, there will be barbeque on-site for lunch.

Some of the Barn, Blacksmith & BBQ activities include:

  • try your hand at spoke shaving (barn pegs) and log sawing
  • taste and vote! Colonial Cook-off Baking Contest
  • see a blacksmith at his forge
  • Colonial dress-up for kids
  • wear a yoke and carry water
  • weave on a loom
  • break flax
  • raise a child-size barn
  • build a birdhouse**
  • Colonial Cookery for Kids**

Leslie Nolan, Historical Society executive director, is excited about welcoming families to this annual event.

“This year we have added Colonial cooking for children, and a new woodworking project, building a birdhouse.  It’s a great family day, the parents love it as much as the kids! So many children who have visited the Society with their school group want to show their parents the fascinating tools they have learned about, and show them how they learned to do various Colonial tasks, like weaving on a loom.”

** There will be an activity fee for build a birdhouse and Colonial Cookery for Kids

In addition, the Hickory, Ash & Reed: Traditional Baskets, Contemporary Makers exhibition will be open in the Burt Barn and Sloan House Galleries.