Wilton’s Registrars of Voters update the town’s official voter list on a daily basis throughout the year—with voter additions, changes, and removals. But once a year, the State of Connecticut requires registrars to conduct a yearly canvass of certain voters who have changed their addresses with the US Postal Service in the past year. It’s part of the effort to make sure voter lists stay up to date and registrations remain as current as possible.

Democratic registrar Carole Young-Kleinfeld and Republican registrar Annalisa Stravato are asking residents who have recently changed their address to be aware of procedures the state and town would like them to follow.

The USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) program provides all Connecticut registrars with new addresses of voters who have requested that their mail be forwarded to out of town addresses and to post office boxes. Connecticut law requires that registrars send those voters an official return-request form to be signed and returned within 30 days, stating either that they have moved out of town or that they still reside in Wilton.

The registrars urge any voters receiving the letter to respond by the 30-day deadline to avoid inaccuracies in their voter files. “In addition to those who move out of town, many people make only temporary changes to their mail service or add a post office box for mail delivery. By law, we must research all changes to keep our voter files as accurate as possible,” says Stravato.

For questions about the annual canvass, contact the Wilton Registrars of Voters via email  or call their Town Hall office at 203.563.0111.