To the Editor:

My name is Barbara Mecozzi. I have been a resident of Wilton for 33 years and a physical education teacher in Wilton for 22 years. The last 16 years have been at Cider Mill School.

For the last 10 years, we have been able to utilize the turf at Wilton High School for our physical education classes. How fortunate are we to have this wonderful field right outside our back door. Not many elementary schools can say that they use a turf field on a regular basis. In the fall upon returning to school and in the spring until the end of the school year, we are on the turf every day that it doesn’t rain. We are able to go out first thing in the morning because as soon as the sun hits the turf, it is dry. Before turf, we had to wait until the grass dried out. Even if it has rained heavily the day before we are able to go out.

We also use it for our Walk-a-Thon and for Field Days. During the fall, we are accompanied by the Wilton High School Band who use it every day to practice for their performances at football games. There are also many town residents who use it for their workouts again on a daily basis.

To say that it gets used daily is an understatement. There is hardly a time, day or night that there isn’t someone on the turf.

Please support the turf field at Middlebrook School. It has been long overdue and I’m sure it will get the same heavy usage as the turf at Wilton High School. As you can see, it is something that benefits the entire community.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my support of the Middlebrook turf!

Barbara Mecozzi