John Klein, the president of ABC A Better Chance of Wilton, forward the letter below, which he sent to the Wilton High School graduating Class of 2018, to thank them for a contribution the class as a whole made to ABC. He asked GOOD Morning Wilton to publish the letter as well.

Dear Graduating Class of 2018,

I am writing to thank you for your generous gift to A Better Chance of Wilton. As you may not know, this community program is totally supported by many local donations such as yours. We receive no national funding, state funding nor anything from A Better Chance National of which our program is an affiliate.

While your gift is extremely welcome, what we especially appreciate is the message that you send in singling out this Wilton program for your recognition. It says that the two original goals of ABC for this town are still working and considered valuable by you, our youthful leaders.

When the program was founded in 1994, town leaders sought to introduce the benefits of greater religious, cultural, ethnic and experiential diversity to Wilton. They also wanted to share the wonderful attributes of our town with academically promising young men and women of color from disadvantaged communities. It is gratifying to have you attest to the on-going validity of these goals.

Let me close by saying that I believe that Wilton is a special town with a populace that is warm, welcoming and grateful to be part of their community. Your gift makes me appreciate anew why I feel this town is special.

Respectfully and Gratefully,

John Klein
ABC Board President