GOOD Morning Wilton has earned a little vacation! We’ll be taking a two-week break to rejuvenate and spend some much-needed down time with family. Although Wilton news doesn’t stop, we’ll be recharging and re-energizing to return on Jan. 3, ready to bring you all the news that happens in Wilton in 2017.

But before we close the book on 2016, let’s take a look back…

The GMW Year in Review–2016.

It’s been an eventful year for GOOD Morning Wilton and Wilton alike. We started our fourth year of publishing Wilton’s premiere digital news source, and it’s so touching to hear from readers and advertising partners alike how integral GMW has become to life in Wilton. Whether it is helping increase voter turnout or engaging residents in critical events, through live-blogging meetings or alerting Wiltonians to others in need, we’ve been honored to be a part of so much going on in Wilton. Hearing from readers about how they start their day with GMW, or finding out that we’ve helped an organization reach its goals is why we do what we do.

We’ve hit some personal highs this year.

In 2015 we may have notched our 1 millionth page view since starting in 2013, but so far in 2016, we tallied more than 1.2 million page views alone. It’s a stat of which we’re pretty proud.

GOOD Morning Wilton also received the 2016 Vocational Service Award from the Rotary Club of Wilton. To be recognized for providing a community service by a service organization as longstanding and dedicated as the Rotarians is humbling.

None of this would have happened without the Wilton readers and advertisers who support us and help GMW grow. It shows us that people are not only engaged in Wilton news and events, but that they’re interested in and dedicated to the kinds of stories we seek out–the people behind the events, the ways the town can come together to promote the commonality, shared decency and humanity for which Wilton is known.

For all the strife happening outside Wilton, it’s comforting to know that the heart of Wilton only grows stronger and more embracing every day. We think our rising readership numbers reflect the kind of growing engagement residents have in Wilton news and what happens in town. The goal is not only that GMW can provide an antidote to any negativity out there, but that it also adds something beneficial to the overall way we all want Wilton to move forward. Hopefully the way GOOD Morning Wilton covers news has helped get people more involved with what’s happening and more engaged with one another.

There are certainly many places you can find news about Wilton, and we’re always grateful that you choose to read about Wilton online with us.

GOOD Morning Wilton is a labor of love. The content and story ideas that people send in and the many people who help contribute from time to time are very much appreciated. Covering news in Wilton is a personal passion and, as quite possibly the only reporter who both covers news in Wilton and lives here, I do it with a vested interest of trying to help make Wilton stronger, better and more connected.

It’s also an all-consuming endeavor. There’s always something going on, a meeting to report on, another interesting person or business to profile. It’s hard work, but I love what I do and hope that GMW is having the kind of effect people tell me it does—that they’re seeing the GOOD in more places, that they’re getting more involved, that they’re excited to read the news GMW covers every morning.

In order to keep doing so, I’m going to savor the next two weeks off. GMW will still be online and accessible, but we’ll be on break until Jan. 3, 2017. Until then, we leave you with a list of our Top 10 stories from 2016 and wishes for a healthy, peaceful and Happy New Year!

From everyone at GMW, we hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday time filled with family, love and the joy of the season, and wish you much health and happiness in the new year!

GOODbye 2016, Hello 2017!


Heather Borden Herve

Our Top 10 stories reflect just some of the major events and subjects this past year:

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  2. Principal O’Donnell On WHS Students’ “Build a Wall!” Chants at Football Game
  3. LETTER: My Wife, a Cider Mill Paraprofessional, Lost Her Job Today
  4. LETTER: Racism, Sadly, Alive and Well in Fairfield County
  5. Cielo’s Sudden Closing Raises Questions, We’ve Got Answers
  6. A Wilton Mom’s Unique Perspective on National News
  7. Wilton Annual Town Meeting May 3, 2016 LIVE BLOG
  8. Arrests, Fights Mar WHS Basketball Win Over Ridgefield [UPDATED]
  9. LIVE BLOG: Wilton Public Hearing on Education Budget
  10. The Wait is Over! Craft 14, Wilton’s Newest Restaurant, Opens