Cold-Weather Wellness: Wilton Doctors’ Tips for Heading into the New Year Healthy [SPONSORED]

courtesy Nuvance Health
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Busy holiday schedules, vacations and stubborn winter colds often bump people off their healthy routines. Nuvance Health wants to help you stay healthy during the cold season with these tips:

Colds and Flu

Dr. Sejal Parekh

“All signs point toward a bad cold and flu season, warns Dr. Sejal Parekh, a family medicine doctor at Nuvance Health Medical Practice in the Wilton Wellness Center (249 Danbury Rd). The doctor’s orders? Get vaccinated against COVID-19 and influenza.”

“By getting vaccinated, you protect not only yourself but the people around you who may be very vulnerable to complications, hospitalizations and death,” she said. Even in January, it’s not too late to get vaccinated. Flu season can last well into March.

The good news is you can prevent COVID-19 and other nasty viruses the same way.

“Wash your hands frequently, put some distance between you and others, especially if they aren’t feeling well, and wear a mask in public places,” Parekh said.

Aches and Pains

Dr. Jatin Rana

Winters in the Northeast can be hard on the joints. Dr. Jatin Rana explains our natural reaction when we are cold is to tense up. Combat this with layers of clothes, “and cover as much skin as you can,” the family medicine doctor with Nuvance Health Medical Practices said.

Use gloves to prevent finger joints from throbbing. Treat the feet to wool socks with an extra pair for the single-digit-temperature days. Remember to keep moving the body.

“During the winter months, we tend to be less active, which can cause the joints to become stiff and increase pain,” Rana said.

Finally, avoid winter weight gain. Extra fat might keep your body core warmer, but it significantly strains your bones, the doctor said.

Overeating in Winter

Dr. Stephanie Ortiz Page

Decreased daylight, cold weather and gray skies can bring the “winter blues,” also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). With SAD comes an increased risk of overeating. Nuvance Health’s metabolic weight loss specialist, Dr. Stephanie Ortiz Page, said it’s important to discuss any significant mood fluctuations and related poor eating behaviors with your doctor. There are treatments that can help.

Ortiz Page, who practices in Wilton, also recommends these steps:

  • Soak in the light. Bundle up and go outside when it’s daylight. And add a bright light in your home or office to increase light exposure.
  • Surround yourself with balanced foods: Lean proteins; healthy fats such as avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds; non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens; and low glycemic produce, including berries. Just say no to highly processed foods.
  • Take up an evening hobby with your family. Lift your spirits with scrapbooking, knitting, painting with watercolors or working on puzzles.
  • Stay active! Consider indoor sports. Basketball, tennis, racquetball, online fitness apps and videos and more will help with mood swings, stress and food cravings.

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