We could be in for another wet weekend this upcoming one, which would make it the seventh weekend in a row with rainfall since the end of April. Not only will the weekend potentially be wet, but part of the work week will see below average temperatures dominate.

Monday, June 4:  The rain from Sunday night will continue into our Monday morning thanks to the weak low pressure off from the Long Island coast. Then by midday, the rain will taper off, leading to mostly cloudy skies for the remainder of the day. Breaks of sunshine within the overcast will be possible late in the day, however. Unfortunately, the clouds and showers will hold temperatures down significantly with a forecast high only in the mid 50s.

Tuesday, June 5:  The first half of the week will remain cool and somewhat unsettled. On Tuesday, a second area of low pressure will develop and swing through from the interior Northeast thanks to an upper-level disturbance passing through the Northern Tier of the nation. This weak low pressure will be responsible for yet another round of showers. The day will not be a washout, but damp and partly sunny conditions will be a good bet. This spring has been very wet, but it is great news going into the summer because that summer heat can dry out the ground very quickly.

Wednesday, June 6:  On Wednesday, it will still be on the unsettled side. This will be our transition day as we begin to dry out and temperatures take a turn for below to near average. Unfortunately, I don’t think Wednesday will be too nice of a day. The low pressure will begin to move out and to our east, but there will still be the slight chance for morning showers. In terms of sky conditions, it will be mostly cloudy, and those clouds will be paired with a high only near 60 degrees, which is over 10 degrees below normal.

Thursday, June 7: Thursday looks to be the week’s best bet. The chance for rain is at its lowest on this day at 5%. That means it will very likely be dry and it will be partly cloudy outside. Temperatures will also be milder, nearing 70 degrees for a high.

Friday, June 8:  As we get into the weekend, the models begin to come into disagreement. There will be an additional one to two storm systems that may affect us during this time period. Therefore, at least the 20% chance for rain exists on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Friday, my best guess is that it will be dry, featuring partly cloudy skies and a high temperature in the 70s.

Saturday, June 9:  Then on Saturday, there is the chance for at least a few showers. I don’t think we’ll have a washout of a weekend, but it will be another damp, unsettled, and somewhat unpredictable one.

Sunday, June 10:  The same will apply to our Sunday with that chance for rain. Keep in mind, it may rain or it may be a beautiful, dry day. It is difficult to accurately forecast this far out in time. Temperatures will likely be mild, however, rising into the mid to upper 70s.