Middlebrook School‘s Annual International Top Chef Competition took place on Wednesday, March 28 after school in the MB cafeteria. Over 160 kids each made a dish representing a foreign country:  37 students made appetizers, 49 students made main dishes and 76 kids made desserts. Staff members judged the food based on appearance, taste and texture. The first prize winners were given a $30 Tusk and Cup gift card, 2nd prize winners received a $20 Wilton Deli gift card and 3rd prize winners received a $10 Gofer Ice Cream gift card. Here is a list of the winners:


1st Place:  Lauren Moe (6Y) and Garrett Moe (8Y), Chicken Enchilada soup (Mexico)
2nd Place:  Riley Luchetta (8R) and Mia Pepitone (8G), Cheesy Greek Swirls (Greece)
3rd Place:  Gavin Gargano (6G), Tuscan Bean Dip with crostini (Italy)

Main Dishes

1st Place:  Rhea Pal (8Y) and Emily Johnson (8Y), Japchae (South Korea)
2nd Place:  Sid Suneja (6Y) and Jai Satsangi (6Y), Paneer, Rice and Paratha (India)
3rd Place:  Cece Lee (7G) and Charlotte Nichols (7R), Coq au vin (France)


1st Place:  Marcos Flaim (6Y), Tres Leche Cake with berries (Nicaragua)
2nd Place:  Sadie Klyver (6Y) and Daphne Mills (6G), Brigadeiros (Brazil)
3rd Place:  Cora Huff (6G), Bird’s Milk Cake (Russia)

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photos:  William Mathews