Recently, we received messages from two physicians about what not to do during the coronavirus outbreak. They’re important enough to share on GOOD Morning Wilton.

From Dr. Rebecca Rubin Reiff, a Wilton resident and emergency room doctor:

“As an ER doctor I think it’s great that our town has closed the schools. This was thoughtful and decisive. Now we, as responsible neighbors, have to make smart choices.

“Please do not arrange play dates. No pandemic parties, no sleep overs. This defeats the purpose of closing the schools.

“This virus has a long incubation period. You can be shedding virus WITHOUT ANY SYMPTOMS. That means that your child, your friend’s child, your sister’s kids can LOOK fine, but still be contagious.

“Cancel the birthday party, postpone the trip, LET YOUR KIDS BE BORED. My kids will be bored too.

“It is NOT worth the risk. The only way to mitigate the danger of this disease is to stop its spread.

“Stay home.”

From Village Pediatrics:

  1. Children continue to not get serious illness from corona–even those with chronic conditions.
  2. Contagiousness is highest in very close contact–distances of more than six feet that are not prolonged do not carry a very high risk
  3. The vast majority of people who get corona will have mild symptoms–slight fever, dry cough, headache and fatigue–gone in a day or two
  4. Transmission can occur for 7-12 days after having the illness–the milder the illness the less it spreads to others.
  5. If you have someone in the family who needs testing call the Yale hotline​,​​ 203.432.6604,​ to see where adequate testing is occurring.
  6. Young children should be kept away from elderly and immunocompromised people as much as possible for the time being as they may carry and spread it to our most vulnerable population.
  7. If your child was “potentially” exposed or around someone who has been exposed it is hard to say if they should be quarantined. But if they are closing your school for outbreaks they are generally saying keep kids away from each other which would include activities and playdates, etc.