Just in time for Memorial Day, here’s a heartwarming story about dogs, military veterans, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, and Wilton resident Jeff Siegel.

Four years ago, after 13 years working for ESPN, Siegel (pictured, above left) founded Media Lodge, a digital content production company. One of the websites Siegel has launched is Outdoors.com, which focuses mostly on enthusiasts who love the outdoors–fishing, camping, hiking, boating, hunting, etc. Some of the streaming video series they produce involve athletes, musicians and actors who also love the outdoors.

One of those athletes is Favre, the well-known former Green Bay Packer who is a fierce competitor, avid outdoorsman and staunch supporter of the men and women of America’s armed forces. He has long believed American veterans need more support when returning home from service, which is a primary reason why he started an organization called 4Outdoors, to help connect children, adults and groups in need with the outdoors. (Favre wore the number 4 as a player.)

Siegel knew Favre would be a perfect addition to his website’s lineup as host of “4Outdoors Featuring Dogs2DogTags,” a new video series showcasing military veterans in a very different way. Together with Petco, Outdoors.com and 4Outdoors are producing this 21-part series that chronicles the efforts of a non-profit group called Dogs2DogTags as it trains and pairs rescue dogs with military veterans at no cost.

“We had been looking at doing different projects together for quite some time,” Siegel explains. “This project fell into place because it met all of our collective interests–dogs, the outdoors and veterans–and we began production about eight months ago. I’ve been down with Brett in his hometown in Mississippi several times for this production. He felt it would be a good series to launch 4Outdoors.”

Each six-minute episode will highlight the matching of a specially-selected and trained rescue dog with a veteran in need, including the process of how the dogs are trained and how the new teams are paired. Often the program will show how the veteran-dog relationship can help with the healing process for those struggling with PTSD and physical rehabilitation following their military service. Episodes will also showcase the duos enjoying their favorite outdoor activities, such as hunting, hiking and swimming.

Projects like this are personally important for Siegel to create.

“There are certain projects that have a strong personal connection–this is one. We did a rhino conservation series in South Africa last year which was another powerful project for me. The ability to help organizations like Dogs2DogTags, salute our veterans and really help with PTSD is emotional. You can see the benefits first hand,” he adds.

Torre Willadsen, the founder of Dogs2DogTags, says a program like this gives his organization the kind of exposure than can make a difference.

“Dogs2DogTags is honored to be associated with Brett Favre, Petco, 4Outdoors, and Outdoors.com. Their support increases awareness of our organization, raises donations, and matches more dogs with soldiers in need.”

To view the first episode of “4Outdoors Featuring Dogs2DogTags” visit Outdoors.com.