The 2021 Fairfield County Yellow Pages is scheduled for delivery to Wilton homes starting in February 2021. Residents have a choice as to whether or not they would like to receive the updated Yellow Pages directory. 

To request to opt-out of future Yellow Pages deliveries, visit the Yellow Pages Opt-Out website, the official site that the Yellow Pages industry provides at no cost to users, cities, and states. Residents have until Dec. 20, 2020, to opt out of the upcoming 2021 Fairfield County Yellow Pages. It is a free, convenient, and secure way to limit or stop home delivery of telephone directories. Data submitted will never be used for marketing purposes and never be given to third parties. 

Yellow Pages directories are 100% recyclable and residents are asked to recycle their outdated directories. 

Residents can send any questions or concerns regarding the distribution of the Yellow Pages in the Wilton area via email and include name, address, contact information, and specific details regarding the nature of the question or concern.