The Wilton Economic Development Commission (EDC) is looking for volunteers to help the town market itself to prospective residents and businesses. Following the recent surveys done by the EDC studying resident and business owner opinions about Wilton and assessing realtor feedback about how prospective homebuyers view the town, the EDC is looking to involve volunteers interested in participating–particularly those with relevant skills–in the next implementation phase.

The EDC is planning a project to produce a series of videos that would highlight the town’s best assets and feature testimonials from members of Wilton’s business community. They’re hoping residents with video production, editing, television or similar experience will step forward to volunteer and help out.

“We are collaborating with a number of entities in Town, who have all been gracious in supporting our project by contributing existing footage and still pictures,” says EDC commissioner Jennie Wong. Some of the organizations include the Wilton Public Schools, the Riverbrook Regional YMCA, Wilton Library, Wilton Go Green, and Ambler Farm among others.

The EDC is asking for videographers of all experience levels to consider volunteering to film events around Wilton, such as the annual Wilton Center Halloween Trick or Treat Parade, the Holiday Stroll and Christmas Tree Lighting, Memorial Day Parade, Ambler Farm Day, Street Fair, Library book sale, Santa hayride at Ambler Farm, and Homecoming among others.

Organizers say that help is also needed to screen hours of recorded footage and review photos the commission has collected.

Eventually, as the project progress, volunteers with experience in editing and producing quality videos will hopefully step forward. According to Wong, the videos “… could be distributed through multiple medium and formats. As we intend to publicize these videos in the future, this is a great opportunity for budding videographers who seek some exposure.”

Interested individuals should contact Wong via email and indicate which role they are interested in and general availability during the week.