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Jeanes will be Asset to Board of Education

To the Editor:

I would like to recommend Gretchen Jeanes for a seat on the Wilton Board of Education. I have volunteered with Gretchen in the Wilton Public Schools through the years on various endeavors. She is dedicated and extremely hard-working. Gretchen will have children in the school system for the next eight years, which will I believe will provide valuable insight for her position. Her volunteer work on the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee as well as her work on the Executive Board of both Miller-Driscoll and Cider Mill PTAs ensure that she will be an asset to the Board of Education.

Annemarie Aronowitz

Fiscally Responsible Preston and Hemmerle Needed on School Board

To the Editor:

I am pleased to support Board of Education candidates Andrea Preston and Glenn Hemmerle. At a time when the Democrat-controlled state government continues to reduce–in some cases eliminate–its share of education funding, it’s more important than ever that we have strong, fiscally responsible individuals on our school board. Glenn is a current member of the BOE, who demonstrated his fiscal restraint by supporting this year’s budget which included a zero percent increase. Andrea’s tenure on the Planning & Zoning Commission has provided her a front row seat to the town’s fiscal challenges. Vote Hemmerle/Preston on Nov. 7!

Peter Wrampe

Having Both Parties on Board of Selectmen ‘Important’

To the Editor:

Last night I attended the Q & A event with the Board of Selectmen and Board of Education nominees at the Wilton Library. It was interesting and informative and most nominees answered the questions knowledgeably. I would like to stress that I think it is important for our town to have representatives from both parties in these positions. Deborah McFadden, the sole Democrat running for Board of Selectmen, is an extremely qualified candidate with extensive experience in politics and has many creative ideas about town management. It is comforting to know that candidates from both parties agree on the need to rein in spending and manage budgets better.

Thank you,

Alison Mark

Preston an Experienced Candidate for Board of Education

To the Editor:

Wilton residents are fortunate to have Andrea Preston running in the Nov. 7 election for the Board of Education. Andrea is a long-time resident of Wilton with a daughter who is a sophomore at the high school. Because of her experience with each of our great schools, Andrea is keenly aware of their unique needs. Utilizing her skills from working on various town boards and harnessing her 20 years of communications experience as a public relations consultant, Andrea will make sure that the school district is run effectively, efficiently and smoothly.

Patrizia Cavone

Shiue Understands P&Z Issues

To the Editor:

If you watched the Planning & Zoning candidate debate the other night, you understand that Wilton is at a crossroads with regard to balancing economic development and maintaining the charm of our New England town. You also would have been impressed by Peter Shiue and his obvious understanding and thoughts about these issues. As a commercial realtor, Peter has dealt with planning issues in other towns, and has the experience to know what has worked well, and what has failed. I have known Peter for many years, and will be thrilled to have him on the important P&Z Commission.

Ed Fung

Hemmerle and Preston will Take Wilton Schools to Next Level

To the Editor:

As the mother of three children, I believe we must elect people to the Board of Education who can and will do everything they can to take our schools to the next level. Glenn Hemmerle, a current BOE member, continually demonstrates his interest in new academic ideas and efficiencies, while Andrea Preston’s experience on the Planning & Zoning Commission has given her insight into what Wilton needs to do to attract new businesses and families. Together, Hemmerle and Preston will bring new ideas and a strong commitment to our schools.

Carol Lenihan

Recognize Tobiassen’s Capabilities and Commitment

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Ray Tobiassen for constable here in Wilton. Not many people run for this office and fewer people write supporting letters. But, having known and worked with Ray for many years, I feel able and comfortable in endorsing his volunteering and commenting on why I believe him to be qualified.

Ray has served his country and has served his community. Sparing you the many details of his armed forces and Wilton Town involvements and activities, I can express assurance of his sincere and diligent attitude, responsible and reliable attention to commitments and fierce loyalty to his chosen work.

Ray Tobiassen is the kind of individual that we welcome and encourage to participate in our Town’s administration. I hope you will recognize his capabilities and commitment and cast one of your Constable votes on his behalf.

Thank you,

Ray Moskow

Credentials Not Politics—Rotini for P&Z

To the Editor:

Your vote for Planning & Zoning is important and should be about credentials, not party politics. Fortunately, Wilton has a very well-qualified candidate in Melissa-Jean Rotini, who recently filled a vacancy on P&Z. She is a municipal attorney with a thorough command of challenging issues facing our town, like 8-30g/affordable housing and the need for responsible growth. She understands smart development concepts and will ensure the voices of Wilton’s citizens are heard. I am proud to support Melissa-Jean Rotini, unaffiliated for Planning & Zoning, and urge fellow Wiltonians, no matter their party affiliation, to Vote Rotini!

Jennifer Alesia

No Stronger Candidate for Wilton Board of Education than Deborah Low

To the Editor:

There is no stronger candidate for Wilton Board of Education than Deborah Low. Low was a teacher and a principal in Wilton Public Schools, and superintendent of the Ridgefield public schools. In Ridgefield she improved math and reading instruction and increased attention to the students’ emotional and social needs. Low’s comments at the recent Candidate Forum reflected that experience. They were well-thought-out, nuanced and wise. As she said, “I have lived all aspects of public schooling and I know what it takes to achieve educational excellence.” For that reason I strongly support Deb Low for Board of Education.

Peter Squitieri

Bufano and Cole Have Experience, Knowledge and Temperament for Bd. of Selectmen

To the Editor:

I am pleased to support Lori Bufano and Josh Cole for the Board of Selectmen. Both of the Republican Town Committee-endorsed candidates have not only the experience, but also the knowledge and temperament to bring reasoned and rational thought to the critical decisions that face the Selectmen during this financially challenging time for Wilton. Lori is a current member of the BOS and has years of business experience in supply chain management. Josh is a successful real estate lawyer who understands the complexities of land use management and commercial development. I enthusiastically endorse Lori and Josh for the Board of Selectmen.


Gary C. Battaglia

McFadden Will Bring “Big, Refreshing Change”

To the Editor:

Deb McFadden has my vote. Why? Because during my 17 years as a resident of Wilton I have seen little progress under Republican leadership.

When was the last time we experienced the feeling of transparency? Transparency builds trust. Do seniors have what they need?

I have worked side by side with Deb for more than a decade and promise you that she will be a passionate advocate for Wilton. It is time for a big, refreshing change that Deb will bring with civility, honesty and bipartisan cooperation.

Hermon Telyan

McFadden–Exactly What Town’s Leadership Needs

To the Editor:

We’re pleased to endorse Deb McFadden for the Board of Selectmen, where she has previously served with distinction. A 20-year resident in Wilton, Deb’s involvement in the community is impressive testament to her commitment to volunteer leadership in virtually every part of the fabric of the town, and while a complete listing would overwhelm this letter, it extends from PTA to scouting to boosters for sports and band to the boards of Trackside and the Norwalk River Valley Trail and beyond. In sum, it speaks to a deep belief in the type of active participation that has made Wilton the town we know it to be. As a member of the Board of Selectmen, Deb focused on expanding economic activity and ensuring that the interests of all Wilton’s citizens were represented. Above all, Deb has proven her bipartisan credentials consistently, and her focus on getting the most from the resources available to the BOS. Deb McFadden is exactly the type of energetic experienced problem-solver the town’s leadership needs. We endorse her with enthusiasm and without reservation.

Judy and Hal Higby