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Boucher’s Expertise and Established Leadership More Important than Ever

To the Editor:

Senator Toni Boucher is highly-regarded as one of the legislature’s most effective members, with a proven track record on issues of importance to Wilton including education, the environment, transportation, tax reform and economic development.
Toni draws upon her deep experiences in business and education to advocate for smart, workable solutions. She has earned the respect of colleagues on either side of the aisle.

The November elections offer a chance to finally put Connecticut back on a path to growth and stability. The state senate is no place for on-the-job training. Toni’s expertise and established leadership will be more important than ever.


Hella K. McSweeney

We Need to Keep Lavielle in Hartford

To the Editor:

I feel very fortunate that Wilton has a hard-working representative like Gail Lavielle. Gail is someone who takes the time to get to know her constituents, regardless of their party affiliations. If you have lived in Wilton for some time, you most likely have come across Gail at various Town events and get to see her warm inviting personality.

Gail has been crucial in achieving positive steps to narrow the State’s budget deficit. Despite being in a minority, she and her Republican colleagues introduced important changes, such as spending and bonding cap, which passed bipartisan support. Guided by her strong business background, Gail understands that a supportive business climate and reduced tax burden are key to our future.

We need to keep Gail in Hartford, and we need to vote for Bob Stefanowski, a political outsider and a turnaround expert, as our next governor. It is time to end the failed leadership that has put Connecticut at the bottom of our nation.

Jennie Wong

Having Lavielle as Respected Representative is an Asset to Wilton

To the Editor:

Rep. Gail Lavielle serves as assistant minority leader in the state legislature, the ranking member on the education committee, and holds seats on the influential transportation and finance committees. Rep. Lavielle is very well-regarded by her colleagues – both Democrats and Republicans – and has earned these prestigious committee assignments and leadership positions. Having such a respected representative is a true asset to our community and ensures that our interests are properly being heard and actioned. Prudent residents will want to continue having such an accomplished, committed leader represent them, thus, I will be voting for Rep. Gail Lavielle.

Anna Marie Bilella

We Need Thomas for Equal Representation in Hartford

To the Editor:

Through her work in the nonprofit world, Stephanie Thomas knows how to build consensus and achieve goals for the common good. As a woman, and a minority, Stephanie has keen insight into how to ensure that no voice is left behind–rich, poor; Democrat, Republican; millennial, boomer; woman or man. Stephanie supports policies that prevent gun violence, guarantee citizens a place in the education process, and policies that elevate women–from pay equity to preserving their right to control their own body.

We need Stephanie in Hartford to make sure that everyone’s best interests are served and protected.

Brian Sudano

Boucher Protects Wilton From Hartford Sharks

To the Editor:

Toni Boucher lives in Wilton and she knows generations of Wilton neighbors by name. We are lucky to have a representative in Hartford who knows Wilton so intimately and understands the long history of our contentious issues from Super 7 to school funding. We can call her with any concern and she already knows who in Hartford can fix it. Her opponent is a recent college grad who has never held a job, never paid taxes, never owned a home, and has never lived in the district. He knows nothing about Wilton or how state government works. He would leave our town defenseless against the political sharks in Hartford who see us as nothing more than a stuffed wallet waiting to be picked. Toni is our protection from Hartford. Toni may be the last moderate in a country fragmented by hyper-partisanship. She represents her town not her tribe. She represents us. Please vote for Toni Boucher.

Philip Murphy

Cafero is By Far the Best Qualified Candidate for Probate Judge

To the Editor:

In addition to all the State and Federal offices we will be voting for on Election Day, we also must elect a new Judge of Probate. Larry Cafero is by far the best qualified candidate for Probate Judge. Larry’s 35-plus years of legal experience, in addition to his public service experience, together with his human qualities of fairness and compassion, make him the ideal person for the job. Please vote Larry Cafero for judge of Probate on Nov. 6.

Carol Lenihan

Stern is Great Choice for Judge of Probate

To the Editor:

Probate is not exactly an exciting topic nor do most people know a lot about it. But Doug Stern does. I had an opportunity to discuss his qualifications with him and feel he is a great choice for Judge of Probate. The position requires not only legal knowledge but a special sensitivity to families in time of stress. They need patience and empathy. He sees families at a time of great stress and must take the time to hear their concerns. The families deserve to feel that they are being listened to and understand the process. The judge must be available, schedule hearings, and have the patience to explain the law clearly to people from a variety of economic and social backgrounds. Doug Stern has all the necessary qualities.

Bob Sabo

Haskell is Right Choice for Honesty in Hartford

To the Editor:

We need honesty in Hartford. We need a senator who will protect our children, not just give us lip service and then say behind our backs, “Connecticut went too far in gun control.” We need to know that what our legislators are saying is the truth. We need honesty in an approach to our economy, environment, infrastructure and education. The Republicans are proposing eliminating our state income tax, what will that do to our schools? Will Haskell is the right choice on Nov. 6 to represent us in Hartford.

Please vote Will Haskell on Nov. 6.

Victoria Rossi Sudano

CT Needs a New Voice–Will Haskell

To the Editor:

Connecticut needs a new voice. Will Haskell will be a new voice, a stronger voice with new, stronger leadership. He will bring a new energy to Hartford.

Will Haskell will fight sexual harassment in the workplace by cosponsoring the Time’s Up Act to combat sexual harassment and assault. He will work to close the gender wage gap and to finally pass paid family leave.

Will Haskell will energize our Connecticut economy, address our crumbling transit system and rebuild trust in state government.

Connecticut needs Will Haskell. Vote for Will Haskell for state Senate on Nov. 6. We must do better.

Diane Martucci

We Need Boucher More Than Ever

To the Editor:

For 40 years, the labor union-controlled Democrats have had a stranglehold on the Connecticut State Legislature. Decades of union-backed rate and tax hikes have made the state unaffordable and unattractive to employers and our shrinking workforce and tax base.

Fortunately, with the current 18-18 tie in the Senate, Toni Boucher and the GOP have been able to stop tolls, enact a spending and bonding cap, and more.

We need Toni Boucher’s fiscal and legislative experience, respect for the law, as well as her deep caring for the environment and all people, now more than ever.

Lisa Pojano