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Jung Soo Kim Embodies Principles Fundamental to Wilton’s Success

To the Editor:

The Board of Finance in Wilton faces tough decisions, and Jung Soo Kim has the education and experience to guide our town. In this cycle of fragile property values and rising costs she embodies the fundamental principles that have always contributed to Wilton’s success. She believes in support for our schools and sound fiscal governance understanding the need to maintain quality—even when that requires tough decisions. She is dedicated to open and transparent discussions and will avoid the last minute budget surprises of the past. I endorse Jung Soo Kim, Democrat, for the Board of Finance.

Ken Hoffman

Wilton Neighbors Deserve Lynne Vanderslice, Best Person for First Selectwoman

To the Editor:

We submit this letter in support of Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman. As it is relevant to this message, we are both registered voters in Wilton and represent different parties. However, our support is not based on partisan politics, but rather on Lynne’s beliefs, values and ideas for our community. Since her tenure on the Wilton Board of Finance and into her current term as first selectwoman, Lynne has demonstrated a deep understanding of Wilton’s community nuances, inner workings and finances.

Lynne promotes uncommon transparency and access to government, continually working toward community involvement, bringing accomplished private business/finance acumen to her job as first selectwoman. She has achieved sustainable measures contributing value and growth to Wilton.

Lynne has established critical and vital associations with many local and state officials, as well as with public-private partnerships, resulting in such projects as:  expansion of the Norwalk River Valley Trail, athletic fields’ turf replacements, and additions to the town tax base with newly participating commercial/corporate residents.

We’ve lived in Wilton since 1987, volunteered and served as chairpersons on both the Wilton Security Task Force and Parks and Recreation Commission. We have seen town officials come and go. We believe that Lynne lives up to her potential. Our neighbors deserve the best person for this job and to have her leadership and initiatives continue.

The most effective way to have a voice in Wilton’s government is to set a reminder:  Vote on Election Day, Nov. 5, and cast a ballot for Lynne Vanderslice.


Terrie L. Schwartz
Christopher J. Giovino

Time for New Leadership at Town Hall, Wilton Needs Deb McFadden 

To the Editor:

It is time for new leadership at Town Hall and Deb McFadden is exactly what Wilton now needs in its top leadership position.

Deb’s successful experience at the state and local level, have consistently demonstrated her skill as a community builder who can help bring people together, unite the Town and move Wilton forward.

Having watched and worked directly with Deb over many years, I am confident she brings the vision, skills and leadership style required at this difficult and challenging time.

I urge Wilton voters to elect Deb McFadden as First Selectwoman, and to elect the entire Democratic team.

Richard J. Dubow

Mike Kaelin’s Wisdom, Insight and Integrity are Winning Combination for Wilton

To the Editor:

We are great admirers of Mike Kaelin and all he’s done for Wilton. We’ve voted for him when he was a Republican and would gladly vote for him as an unaffiliated candidate or as the Democrat he now is because we think that in Wilton politics, the person is far more important than the party affiliation. Mike knows our town intimately and cares about it passionately. He’s served on everything from the Charter Commission that brought our town a whole new charter, to the Board of Selectmen, and he’s also served in key public-private partnership positions, for example as president of the Wilton Library Association. His knowledge and intelligence–and most of all, his character–mean that we will get decisions by him on the Board of Finance that are made with wisdom, insight and integrity, and that’s a winning combination for all of us.

Steve & Becky Hudspeth