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Healy and Zucaro will Protect Schools

To the Editor:

I have been a Wilton resident for 15 years. I moved here for a reason, the small-town flavor and great school. We need good neighbors like Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro to protect our school from Hartford’s regionalizing plan. I also believe Kim and Patrizia have strong fiscal discipline and they are against Hartford’s runaway spending. It is appalling that state employee compensation that far outpaces those in the private sector. We need someone like Kim and Patrizia to ensure Hartford making effort to control that. I am voting for Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro.

Xuehai Ling

Democrats for Kim Healy

To the Editor:

We are Democratic-leaning independents voting for Joe Biden but locally, we are voting for Republican Kim Healy. Kim is one of the finest people we know with the finance experience sorely needed in Hartford. She understands the needs of her community and the challenges we face. Connecticut ranked the 4th highest most “moved from” state in the country in 2019. If we raise taxes it will increase resident and business flight and lower state revenues. We face tough decisions but know Kim will fight to make sure our state government maximizes the resources we have to make good investments for us and our fellow Connecticutians.

Some might wonder why we would vote for a Republican now? While we find the current national Republican platform distasteful we must be careful in these divisive times not to lose sight of the value of perspective. The immorality of the current White House administration threatens to drown out reasonable dialogue and healthy debate on good policy across our nation and more importantly, here in our community. Kim’s leadership and strong character can help to create fair and thoughtful legislation that moves our state forward and finds the balance that brings us together.


Jackie and Jack Jackson

Healy and Zucaro Understand Importance of Local Governance

Dear Editor:

More than ever, our local community is at stake in this election cycle. As you are aware, there are persistent efforts by the controlling party in the State Capitol to intrude on our schools and now on local zoning.

Both Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro understand the importance of local governance.

Kim is a long-time resident of Wilton with an impressive record for community service. With her CPA background and work ethic, Kim is committed to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility to Hartford. She has listened to widespread concerns by local residents on school regionalization and zoning control. As such, she pledged she will safeguard our community from destructive intrusion sought by Hartford.

Likewise, we are fortunate to have Patrizia Zucaro as a candidate to represent our district. Patrizia Zucaro has the exact skill set we need — she is an accomplished attorney with a strong property rights background. With the battle expected to brew over zoning control, we’ll need a strong voice, like Patrizia Zucaro’s, to lead the fight.

Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro will put our interests first. Please join me in voting for Healy and Zucaro (Row B) this November.


Jennie Wong

Experience Matters

Dear Editor,

Experience Matters …

When electing those that represent you, it is no different than anything else in life, experience matters. Experience is the intangible that makes something go from average to outstanding, a liability to an asset, reactive to proactive, and from being led to leading. That is what we are missing today in our 26th State Senate District. Kim Healy is the solution. Kim has decades of experience and deep expertise in finance, leading diversified teams, and cultivating inclusive environments that make decisions based upon fact, not emotions.  From Kim’s many years of volunteering, she also understands the value of giving back and doing what is right, not just what is easy. Vote wisely. Vote for Kim Healy.

Anna Marie Bilella

Choice is Simple, Vote for Democratic Candidates

To the editor:

The November 2020 election is probably the most important election in recent history and will have a profound impact on the direction of this country on a national and local level. If we are to end systemic racism through policies designed to promote equal opportunity, eliminate gun violence through common-sense gun regulations, encourage fiscal responsibility through balanced budgets, promote efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and slow the process of global warming, and heal the divisions tearing this country apart, the choice is simple: support Biden-Harris and the Connecticut Democratic candidates, Jim Himes, Will Haskell, and Stephanie Thomas on Nov. 3.

Carey Field

Choice is Simple, Vote Healy and Zucaro

To the Editor:

If you live in Wilton because of its beauty, safety, and excellent school system, vote for Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro. The choice really is that simple.

Gail Hiestand

Will Haskell Deserves Second Term

To the Editor:

Senator Will Haskell is no longer just the novelty he seemed in 2018. He has quickly become a thought leader and coalition builder in Hartford on the most important issues facing our state. He deserves our vote for another term.

Haskell is Senate Chair of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee and Vice Chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee. He also serves on the Environment, Judiciary and Transportation Committees. He has developed a leadership voice on gun safety (ghost guns), community college (free tuition to deserving students), fiscal responsibility (protecting the rainy day fund against Republican raids), and other crucial matters. Further, he’s fought effectively to ensure Wilton controls Wilton’s schools (e.g. he was the first legislator to publicly oppose forced regionalization, and he recently helped change Hartford policy to allow schools to adopt a hybrid response during Covid).

Haskell deserves our support not simply because his age earned him a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List. He deserves our support because he has proven himself a leader who understands Wilton and is someone we all can be proud of. I’ll be voting for Will Haskell on Nov. 3, and I hope you’ll join me.

Valerie Rosenson

Zucaro will Put Wilton First

To the Editor:

I’ve always been concerned, but not outright alarmed about the damage our legislature might do to our beautiful town, because Gail Lavielle was watching our back. She always alerts us when legislation really threatens Wilton:  school regionalization, state control of zoning, pushdown of teachers’ pension costs. But without her, Wilton will desperately need a representative who constantly watches out for our town. The Democratic candidate for the seat is too occupied with pushing her national party’s agenda to care about being our watchdog. Patrizia Zucaro, an independent thinker, is however pushing no agenda except our interests. I trust her to put Wilton first.


Roger Van Brussel

Only Stephanie Thomas has Shown She’s Prepared

To the Editor:

As a recent college graduate seeking to make a life and career in Connecticut, I believe the state’s perpetual budget crunch to be the most important issue, now and for many years to come. Of course, it’s no secret that the state’s budget woes are the direct result of the fiscal sins and short-sightedness that prevailed in Hartford for 70 years (1939—2010).

Thus far, however, only one candidate for state representative has shown that she’s prepared to wrestle with the albatross of pensions and other fixed costs:  Stephanie Thomas.

In an Oct. 6 debate, Patrizia Zucaro not only failed to provide a single concrete idea for fixing our pension mess but was utterly unaware of the existence of different tiers of retirement benefits. If government is a business and a debate is a job interview, then Ms. Zucaro arrived without bothering to familiarize herself whatsoever with the company.

Thankfully, we voters have an alternative:  Stephanie Thomas, who will neither propose decade-old ‘solutions’ that already exist nor watch as further costs are shifted onto our town. Instead, I am confident that, armed with knowledge of the problem, Stephanie Thomas can, and will, fight for our interests in Hartford.

James Murray

Our Lives Depend on Voting for Biden, Harris, Himes, Haskell and Thomas

To the Editor:

We had college plans but endured an academic year like no other, filled with much uncertainty and difficulty mustering energy to grasp the stakes of this election. Preoccupied, we tire listening to our parents discuss it and news cycles repeating the same ominous message.

But the pandemic revealed the critical importance of competent, decent leadership at every government level. We’ve learned leadership must be accountable not just when convenient, but even when truth-telling comes at political price. We’ve seen that leadership can’t just diagnose problems and then give up but must find solutions and humbly seek input. Most obvious, leaders must be honest, empathetic, and thoughtful.

Not long ago existed a belief that young people shouldn’t be taken seriously in political dialogue. We’ve proved them wrong, but it wasn’t easy. With the fabric of our country at stake, we must step off sidelines, roll up our sleeves, and use our voices and votes to protect current and future generations.

Only one slate treats this seriously—Jim Himes, Will Haskell, Stephanie Thomas, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let’s restore decency to our democracy. Elect candidates who’ll fight for us like their own families—our lives depend on it.

Sophia Sudano

2 replies on “Election 2020 Letters to the Editor—Oct. 16, 2020”

  1. Mr. Van Brussel, I take exception to your statement “The Democratic candidate for the seat is too occupied with pushing her national party’s agenda to care about being our watchdog.” To my knowledge, we’ve never met and I believe it is one thing to write why you favor a candidate and quite different to bash another with the air of fact, when based solely on your opinion.

    I would love to have a discourse on the national party agenda you think I favor that would harm Wilton’s interests. When schools were threatened in 2019, I attended many community events to learn more like many of you and then I had many conversations with Norwalkers and Wiltonians, unifying and coordinating both in our displeasure of the bills. I attend public events at the Wilton Library because I think libraries are the cornerstone of the community and I am always interested in learning new things. I have attended P&Z meetings because I was interested in Mike Wrynn’s approach to development when he took over the role. I attended the meetings about Aquarion, once again united with Norwalkers, to stop their request to pump a million gallons a day from Wilton. When Senator Anwar’s draft zoning bill was made publicly available, I read the entire thing and went to work collaborating with P&Z leaders throughout Fairfield County because a win would be to get the draft off the table vs. fighting it later. I do these things quietly, without fanfare, and often avoid the lens of the cameras. Because I have attended countless gatherings in Wilton, I have learned what matters to Wiltonians.

    I have never seen my challenger at any of these gatherings.

  2. Anyone who has had any involvement in the Wilton Community will have seen Stephanie’s highly engaged level of participation, her capacity to articulately represent the needs and views of our town, and her pragmatism. If you have watched the Republican candidates you will see how they all use the same disconnected words as they articulate the party line. Stephanie Thomas is the clear choice in this election. She has the perspective and skill to advocate for the things that will keep Wilton schools strong, support our local businesses, and help to cut our taxes by growing Wilton’s our grand list. If you want to keep Wilton in the top tier of towns in Connecticut, vote for Stephanie Thomas.

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