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Healy is Wilton’s Chance to Regain Senate Seat

To the Editor:

Wilton has had representation in the State Senate and State House for 22 years. This has helped our town retain control over our schools, property, and budgets. It was the 2017 Republican State Senate vote that was mainly responsible for full funding of the Rainy-Day account that the Governor now desperately needs.

Make no mistake, Connecticut is in dire financial straits. Even before the pandemic it had yearly, billion-dollar deficits.  Its reserves will quickly disappear, leaving a deeper budget hole and a weaker economy.

Wilton has an excellent opportunity to regain representation in the Senate with an outstanding local candidate who has the deep knowledge, the right skills, and strong character to face the challenges ahead.

Kim Healy is a CPA, Wilton Libary Board’s Treasurer, and was formerly with PWC. She has courageously stepped forward to run for the 26th State Senate Seat. We need Kim to help restore fiscal responsibly and common sense in Hartford. I know that she will work hard to protect Wilton and our communities during this turbulent time because she genuinely cares.

Kim needs Wilton as she’s being challenged in a primary on August 11. You can make the difference, but only if you vote on August 11!

Toni Boucher

Early Voting & No-Excuse Absentee Ballots the Answer

To the Editor:

As destructive as the pandemic has been, it need not undermine the most important election of our lifetime. Why shouldn’t every eligible American be able to vote this November? “No Connecticut voter should be forced to choose between their health and their right to vote,” Secretary of State Denise Merrill has argued. The answer:  early voting and no-excuse absentee ballots. They can assure a robust—and fair—election. Despite Trump resistance, two-thirds of Americans say these options should be available to all, with no special reason required, according to Pew Research. Stand up for your right to vote.

Bob Carney