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Haskell Took Forced School Regionalization Off the Table in Hartford

To the Editor:

Forced school regionalization might be a hot topic on the Republicans’ current talking points list but, thanks to Will Haskell, it is off the table as a topic in Hartford. In fact, Will Haskell was the first state senator in Hartford to publicly oppose forced school regionalization even though it was proposed by a senior member of his own party. Will held to his values and spoke out against forced school regionalization even though it was a difficult thing to do. He did that because he believes strongly that there is nothing more important than making sure students get the highest-quality education possible to prepare them to succeed in the future. In fact, Will himself is a product of a public-school education. He knows firsthand why supporting a strong public education is so important and he strongly believes that forced regionalization would negatively impact a community’s ability to plan for and control the education of its students. As our state senator, Will Haskell will continue to oppose any measure that would force schools in the 26th District to regionalize. A vote for Will Haskell is a vote to keep our schools strong and independent. Vote Haskell!

Lorie Paulson

Nation’s Democracy Depends on Voting Democratic

To the Editor:

A very smart woman once said, “that going high is the only thing that works, we must be clear, going high does not mean putting on a smile and saying nice things when confronted with viciousness and cruelty. Going high means taking the harder path. It means scraping and clawing our way to that mountain top.” We have a choice in November and that choice is to exercise our civic duty and vote vote, vote. Our democracy, our health, and our livelihood depend on the right choice. Vote Democratic in November, like your nation’s democracy depends on it. It does.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Gail Gristina

Haskell Needs a Second Term

To the Editor:

Will Haskell needs our support for a second term serving the 26th State Senate District. Will acquired a great deal of experience in Hartford and has sponsored and voted for important legislation to help build Connecticut’s future. Will has co-sponsored legislation that improved gun reform, provided tax cuts for seniors, and strengthened environmental protections. Across the District, his voice is often heard in Town Hall meetings in person, online, and by phone. He is working hard on matters unique to our District, such as improving MetroNorth car cell service and rail bridge replacement. This election season will be challenging for many reasons. Will has the experience and skill to implement positive changes and make sure our communities stay safe and that financial recovery is safe and rapid. Return him to office in November.

Jim Kapustka

Thomas will Bring No-Nonsense Business Smarts to Hartford

To the Editor:

I’m voting for Stephanie Thomas to represent Wilton in Hartford because she is a small business owner. She founded her successful events consultancy in New York and has worked with some of the country’s most important charitable organizations in New York, Connecticut, and across the country. Let’s bring some no-nonsense business smarts to Hartford. Please join me in voting for Stephanie on Nov. 3.

Paula Casiraghi

Haskell Worked Hard to Support Community Through COVID-19 Crisis

To the Editor:

Will Haskell has worked hard and effectively to support our community through the COVID-19 crisis. He has helped constituents navigate unemployment claims, loan applications, and financial assistance. He redistributed personal campaign resources to check on 10,000 seniors in our community. He also helped expand telehealth so that constituents can continue to access health care services. Will Haskell has kept his constituents aware of what was going on with COVID on multiple fronts, he had weekly conference calls, allowing Q-and-A along with his Facebook Live alerts. Will Haskell is who we need to represent us in Hartford.

Dan Troph

Zucaro won’t be Beholden to Special Interests

To the Editor:

I’ve lived in Wilton for four decades and have retired here, giving back to the town in several ways. I really like living here!

But now I wonder if my wife made a mistake thinking that we could afford to stay. Taxes are everywhere–on pensions, Social Security, gifts, estates, cars, and another if we sell our house! The next tax will probably a tax on the taxes paid. But what services do we get for the taxes? Less than what we deserve!

The ruling party in Hartford is a great advocate for public-sector unions, but not for the rest of us taxpayers. I’m tired of that!

I don’t want my state representative to be beholden to special interests. Patrizia Zucaro’s only agenda is to support our town and the people who live here. She has my vote.


Peter Wrampe

Thomas’ Advocacy on Behalf of Others is Natural, Not Political

To the Editor:

Stephanie Thomas deserves your vote.

My admiration for Stephanie is genuine. From the moment I met her, I was impressed by her passion and drive to make a difference in Connecticut. We met before she began her run for State Representative and her drive to advocate on behalf of others is natural, not political. She cares about improving the lives of real people because she always shows up, usually behind the scenes–organizing drives, helping groups with fundraising, attending local events, sitting on boards, and even during this busy time of campaigning, she is currently helping a small business owner refocus his business to stay relevant during the pandemic.

As a Wilton resident, I’m concerned about our schools and so is Stephanie. She will continue to fight for local say in local matters.

Finally, with all the violence going on in the world, Stephanie believes in strong gun laws. She is a candidate of distinction of Moms Demand Action, the nation’s largest grassroots volunteer network working to end gun violence.

I support Stephanie Thomas and believe she is the best candidate to represent Wilton and the 143rd District in Hartford.

Pam Hickey

Don’t Let Politics Get in the Way of Doing The Right Thing–Vote Democratic

To the Editor:

When I talk with friends and colleagues about values, we have rational conversations. When things turn to politics, emotion runs high and rational deliberation too often is beyond reach. Many years ago, one of my work colleagues asked how I was planning to vote in the next election. As I began explaining why I was planning to vote Democrat, he blurted out that anybody in our situation who voted Democrat must be crazy for throwing away thousands of dollars in the form of increased taxes. For the sake of preserving workplace harmony, I held myself back from screaming at him–“Did you ever consider the issues and think about doing the right thing for our country?” Examine carefully your conscience. Will you vote this November for those who advocate access to affordable healthcare and education for all of us, respect for the dignity of every human being, and racial and sexual justice? Or will you vote for those who flagrantly violate our core, fundamental values?

Joseph Magnano

“I Know a Leader When I See One in Thomas”

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Democrat Stephanie Thomas, who is running for office to represent the 143rd District in the Connecticut House of Representatives.

Like Stephanie, I have more than 25 years of professional experience serving in the non-profit sector. I know a leader when I see one. I am confident Stephanie will serve as an exceptional voice for Connecticut. With her long history of public service, she embodies all the characteristics we need at a time when our need is great.

Stephanie’s exemplary career has led her to develop the traits we are longing for in our elected officials–caring, understanding, empathy, and smarts. She knows how to build consensus in order to successfully tackle tough issues facing our state-affordable health care, meaningful gun laws, small business assistance,  improvements to our state’s infrastructure. Stephanie has a knack for empowering folks so that they feel invested in their community. Her enthusiastic, passionate, and tireless approach to solving problems is reassuring. She will make things happen.

High on Stephanie’s agenda is her desire to ensure that everyone in Connecticut has access to voting. On Nov. 3, I will cast my vote for Stephanie Thomas.


Laura Bard

Zucaro will Fight to Protect Wilton from State Control over Housing

To the Editor:

We need a state representative who will fight to protect Wilton from state control. As a lifelong Westport resident, Patrizia Zucaro understands the independence that makes our small towns unique. I’m especially concerned about proposed state legislation that would dramatically change local zoning laws and deny Wilton the ability to preserve its beautiful natural landscape and historic character. This proposed legislation deletes consideration of the ‘character of a district’ and its suitability for a particular use; and authorizes a housing authority to expand its jurisdiction up to 30 miles outside the municipal borders, leaving Wilton completely vulnerable, with entirely no say or defense against the whims of external bureaucrats that lack our love and appreciation for the Town of Wilton.

Patrizia believes our towns are capable themselves of planning for the affordable housing they need; and she’ll work hard to keep the state out of local zoning laws. Patrizia Zucaro will be a strong advocate for Wilton in Hartford.


Lisa Pojano

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