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Lessons Learned About Communism 54 Years Ago Highlight Need to Protect Democracy Today

To the Editor:

In 1966, six students enrolled in Syracuse University’s course, “Communist Concepts, Strategies, & Tactics”:  five foreigners who lived communism–and me.

We studied how communism used disinformation, propaganda, secret police; controlled media; disallowed free speech; and forced officials to obey the leader. The readings, lectures, and discussions remain fresh 54 years later.

It made me appreciate America’s freedoms and government. Three independent branches; checks and balances; a society welcoming oppressed peoples; free speech and free press able to criticize leaders; honest, fair elections.

The letter writer in 1966, and today.

Now I’m terrified:  the current administration’s authoritarian tactics; a leader ruling by whims; leading by fearmongering, name-calling, and conspiracies; aligned with autocrats. Officials toady to him. Indiscriminate law-breaking, voter-interference, racism, peaceful demonstrations quashed. And thousands of lies.

What happened to America? Trump flags supplant Old Glory. Some fear speaking out. Federal help has political conditions. A lethal virus and no national strategy threatens our economy, obliterates our global leadership.

I want a president who works for the people, not himself; when officials put country first, when America leads the world, a beacon of hope–truly, “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and (especially) justice for all.”

Will you protect our democracy? Please vote. Individually, together–protect our nation, our government, our lives.

John Kalamarides

Stephanie Thomas–More than Talk, Words Followed by Action

To the Editor:

I am a Wilton resident and writing in support of Stephanie Thomas as the Democratic State Representative candidate for our 143rd District, which includes the eastern part of Norwalk, a small sliver of Westport, and a large area of Wilton.

She exhibits steady intelligence, good humor, and inclusive compassion. I have seen how much effort she puts into listening and creating concrete systems and actions to better the lives of those around her. She is more than talk and her words are followed by action.

Stephanie grew up in difficult circumstances and developed resilience and drive as she supported her family at an early age and worked to put herself through NYU and earn a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management.

She followed this up with 25 years of experience as a fundraising and strategy consultant to nonprofits.

Stephanie is committed to addressing current issues that cross party lines such as health care, repercussions from COVID-19, safety from gun violence, a woman’s right to choose, and funding for our schools.

I have a high level of confidence that she will be a present, positive, and consistent force in our community.

Vote Stephanie Thomas as the next Democratic State Representative!

Lynda Carroll

Support Patrizia Zucaro Fight Threat of State-Mandated Zoning

To the Editor:

Wilton voters will have a new state representative in Hartford next year, and we need to choose wisely! I just received Patrizia Zucaro‘s latest email, in which she speaks strongly in support of maintaining local control on important issues like schools and zoning. Last year we came very close to losing local control of our schools, and that issue still percolates among supporters of regionalization. And now we face the threat of state-mandated zoning, whereby bureaucrats in Hartford would dramatically alter the current Wilton character, which many new residents look for and existing residents came for. These threats are real, and that’s why I will be supporting Patrizia Zucaro for state representative.

Hella McSweeney

Zucaro Understands–Focus on Building Commercial Growth, Not State Control of Local Zoning

To the Editor:

Wilton must diversify its housing availability so that people of all ages and financial means can come here, stay here, and/or work near where they call home. Offering greater housing variety will increase our grand list and give residents more living choices. Wilton is a well-managed town, and we do not need the State of Connecticut telling us how to manage space planning. That said, many proposals to be introduced in Hartford in January 2021 aim to let the State tell us how to handle town planning which is not what our State leadership should be spending time on. State leadership should be laser-focused on bringing new commercial business back to Connecticut. Such revenue will contribute to the tax base and cause other businesses (like retailers, restaurants, and hotels) to invest here in CT. Patrizia Zucaro understands these proposals and their intended and unintended consequences. This is why she is firmly opposed to State control of local zoning. It is time to work on top line growth, enough with the tax and spend mentality. It just does not work! Patrizia has my vote and I hope yours as well.

Rich Hubli

Vote for Biden and Zucaro–Sanity in Washington, Solvency in Hartford

To the Editor:

Be it out of desire for Biden or disgust at Trump, a majority of Connecticut voters will vote for Biden/Harris this November. However, I urge Wilton voters not to simply vote the entire party line. What’s good for the US and what’s good for CT are on two different lines.

Patrizia Zucaro is a fiscally conservative, socially moderate candidate who can help restore balance to the Connecticut state legislature and prudence to Connecticut’s budget. Dominated by one party for 40 years, the Connecticut General Assembly has run up staggering unfunded pension liabilities, produced out-of-control deficits, and periodically raided the Special Transportation Fund, resulting in high taxes and an anti-business climate that drives out companies and high earning individuals and families.

Patrizia is an intelligent, thoughtful candidate in the mold of her predecessor Gail Lavielle. She will work to stem the tide of spending increases, higher taxes, new user fees, school regionalization, state usurpation of local control, and the imposition of tolls. Please vote for Biden on the first row and Zucaro on the second (she’s also on the fourth row) on Election Day (or before, if by absentee ballot). Sanity in Washington; solvency in Hartford!

David Moyer

Wilton is Fortunate to be Represented by Will Haskell

To the Editor:

Wilton is fortunate to be represented in the State Senate by Will Haskell, an individual of exceptional intelligence, a remarkable ability to analyze public policy issues and develop workable solutions, and who is tireless in his outreach to his constituents.

The role of state and local government has rarely been tested more dramatically, from the problems in Washington to the frightening pandemic with its ability to destroy lives, the economy, and the fabric of our society. Yet as we confront these issues, we are also dealing with critical local matters, including transportation, gun violence, voting rights, and education. There are no easy answers to many of these matters, and not everyone will agree on the best approach. Will is a Senator who reaches out to his constituents, listens to their concerns and views, and then makes forceful and articulate presentations in Hartford. For example, he proposed legislation on issues like ghost guns and early voting, fought for debt-free community college, and vigorously opposed efforts to mandate school regionalization.

I trust Will Haskell’s judgment, wisdom, and common sense; I urge you to join me in sending him back to Hartford.


Jeff Miller

CT Needs Partisan Balance, Zucaro will Make Fiscal Health a Priority

To the Editor:

With the pandemic and the Presidential election taking center stage, I’m worried that voters will forget about Connecticut’s serious fiscal problems. That’s a shame because they are far from resolved, and I believe they won’t be as long as the party in control of the legislature for the last 40 years stays in power, continuing to increase taxes, spend uncontrollably, and increase the burden of the state’s nearly $100 billion in unfunded liabilities.

In 2017, Connecticut’s finances began to turn a corner, with requirements for the state to save excess revenues and limit its debt. Why? Republicans and Democrats were at virtual parity in the legislature. But in 2019, with that partisan balance gone, tax increases resumed, excessive spending resumed, and the legislature increased the state’s obligations to public-sector unions.

To achieve fiscal sanity, attract businesses, and give people of all ages a future here they can afford, Connecticut needs to recover that partisan balance.

Patrizia Zucaro understands Connecticut’s unique issues, and unlike the Democratic candidates for the legislature, she knows that no national agenda can resolve them. I trust her to be a responsible steward of our tax dollars and to make restoring our fiscal health a priority.

Thank You.


Christine O’Day

Elect Haskell and Thomas to Move CT into the Future

To the Editor:

Our community is facing elections that speak to the core of who we are and how we want Connecticut to move into the future.

Will Haskell has proven, in his time representing us in Hartford, that he listens to the needs of the 26th Senate District and translates those needs into action. He has stood for Wilton most recently during the Eversource debacle, calling for reform and accountability. Will has been vocal in his support during the pandemic, actively advocating for citizens in our town. He is working on our broken commuter system and has made community colleges financially accessible for all students.

Stephanie Thomas is running for State Representative in the 143 District and brings a focus on good governance, not politics. She is a strong leader who has successfully run a nonprofit consulting business and is skilled at both listening and putting ideas into action. Stephanie will be a fresh voice with strong business experience in Hartford.

Join me in electing Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas on Nov. 3!

Ceci Maher

Zucaro will Decide What’s Best for CT and Wilton, Not What’s Best for Her Party

To the Editor:

Ideology and national politics seem to dominate elections even on the local level. However, I want to feel free to express my views to my representatives and to trust they will listen impartially and consider them equally seriously regardless of political inclinations or party associations. We need people who will decide rationally what is best for Connecticut and our town, not what’s best for their party. We need Patrizia Zucaro to represent us in the statehouse, as she supports financial responsibility and local governance.


Monty Du

Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro–Running to Fight for Local Interests, Not Political Party

To the Editor:

I am one of many recent arrivals in town. My family chose Wilton primarily because of the outstanding locally controlled schools and the spacious yards, more beautiful and tranquil than tiny parcels in nearby towns. This probably resonates with other families and those escaping the cramped confines of New York City. This is precisely why recent and ongoing efforts by the controlling party in Hartford–first an attempt at school regionalization, then a push to control local zoning–are so alarming. These efforts would erase Wilton’s greatest attributes and would diminish the power Wiltonians have in managing our town and our schools. Some are telling you future attempts at a Hartford power grab are “off the table.” They think you won’t understand that they are simply partisans, pushing for more control. But they are, and they will. The smart decision this fall is to vote for the only candidates who were driven to serve you, and fight for you, because of these specific matters. I urge you to put aside national issues and political parties, to vote for your family and for Wilton–to vote for Kim Healy for State Senate and Patrizia Zucaro for State Representative!
Jake Lubel

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