Matt Raimondi grew up in Wilton and moved back to start and raise his family. Matt is an investor who sits on company boards, setting strategy and direction and overseeing their financials and budgets.

Since moving back, Matt was appointed to Wilton’s Economic Development Commission where he supports local businesses. He also serves as a board member on the finance and investment committees of two non-profit boards serving mental health treatment, the Kennedy Children’s Center and the REACH Institute. Additionally, he serves on the board of Sherwood Island State Park.

Matt is running for the Board of Finance so that he can work for all Wiltonians by bringing transparency and rigor to Wilton’s finances — and to make sure that our taxpayer money is allocated appropriately.


First, thank you GOOD Morning Wilton for the opportunity to speak directly to my fellow Wiltonians.

I am running for the Board of Finance because as a Wilton native who moved back to town, and as someone who has spent a career in finance, I can effectively represent the interests of long-term and new Wilton residents alike. The primary function of the Board of Finance is to recommend a budget and mill rate, so it is critical that the decisions that the Board makes reflect the values and priorities of all Wilton residents. Having spent my formative years in this town, Wilton’s values are core to who I am, and I’m excited to give back to the community by serving on the Board.

Over the past 20 years since my family moved here, Wilton has grown and evolved — new stores and restaurants have opened, new residents have moved in, and generations have passed through our schools. However, one constant is the character and vitality of our residents. Wiltonians have a strong work ethic and family values, and Wilton remains a community of neighbors who care deeply about each other and the town. It was for this reason that my wife, Kristen, and I moved back to Wilton to start and raise our family. Not only are the schools top-rated and the landscape idyllic, but we wanted to be part of this community. And yes, being close to my parents was a plus too!

Shortly after returning to Wilton, I found that moving back to my hometown enabled me to understand and relate to the varied perspectives of Wiltonians I met or with whom I became reacquainted. I understand the concerns and priorities of new families who have recently moved to Wilton as well as those of residents, like my parents, who have lived in Wilton for decades. This unique background means I can represent Wilton’s newest generation of homeowners while simultaneously balancing the needs and desires of our long-term residents. My experiences position me to advocate for all Wiltonians.

Members of the Board of Finance must also possess the financial acumen to provide budgetary oversight. My career in finance perfectly suits me for this responsibility. An integral part of my job is to assess and invest in businesses, and then to join their boards to provide financial oversight and ensure that the business is making responsible investments. I routinely need to make decisions on appropriate spending levels, debt capacity, capital expenditures, and growth financing. I have learned that spending is like gasoline for the car: the car won’t work without it, but if you put too much in, it overflows and there is no value for your money. Managing Wilton’s finances is very similar — we must ensure the appropriate level of spending to maintain our infrastructure and keep our schools strong but must also balance that with fiscal prudence to ensure Wiltonian’s hard-earned tax dollars are responsibly spent. And just like at work, I’m responsible to the shareholders — all the residents of Wilton.

Since I moved back to Wilton, I have already endeavored to give back to this town. Earlier this year, I was appointed by the Board of Selectmen to Wilton’s Economic Development Commission, which works to foster a strong business community. This business community helps maintain economic vibrancy that provides local conveniences, places for us to dine out, stores for us to shop in, and revenue to help offset our property taxes. Balancing economic development with the preservation of our town’s character and charm is an essential goal of our Commission.

I also serve on the board of Sherwood Island State Park in Westport. I grew up going to the park with my family and joined the board to help look after it for future generations. I believe it is vital to contribute my time and skills to support the communities of which I am a part, and I aim to bring this same commitment to the Board of Finance.

I am running for a seat on the Board of Finance to achieve four key goals: to preserve Wilton’s top-rated schools, to continue investing in town infrastructure, to protect property values by maintaining a reasonable mill rate, and to promote fiscal responsibility and prudent spending. Transparency and accountability are key elements of democratic oversight, and I seek to be a voice for all Wiltonians in managing our town’s finances.

I have lived in Wilton for much of my life and I’m grateful to this community for having raised me. I’m excited to give back and serve the town.