Election Letters to the Editor Oct. 10

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Lavielle Offers Solutions for CT’s Dire Economic Situation

October 4, 2014

To the Editor:

If anyone still thinks our current Democratic legislature is serving Connecticut residents well, consider this sobering fact:  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, population growth in New England from 1983-2013 was 15 percent, while the rest of the country grew by 41 percent. A key reason? The region’s high taxes. Connecticut now ranks among the Tax Foundation’s “10 worst business climates.” Young people can’t find jobs here, families struggle to afford the cost of living, and our seniors often have no choice but to leave.

We need to change course. State Rep. Gail Lavielle understands this, and is one of the few voices in Hartford making a difference. Gail has consistently supported “no new tax” spending plans, and efforts to address the state’s unfunded liabilities. Perhaps most impressive has been her outspoken efforts to stop the annual “shell game,” in which money is shifted from one pot to another, as a way to hide the state’s real budget shortfalls. The transfer of Metro North related revenue to the general budget has led to significant underinvestment in the critical commuter rail system and is a prime example of this

Rep. Lavielle has a complete understanding of our state’s economic woes, and offers solid solutions for improving our increasingly dire situation.

Walter Kress


Cannot Afford to Lose a Seasoned Judge Like DePanfilis

October 5

To the Editor:

I have known and observed Judge Tony DePanfilis for many years and have grown to respect and admire him as one of the finest probate judges in Connecticut. As a truly outstanding probate judge, Tony has deep expertise and experience with the myriad of issues and problems brought to his court everyday. He brings the right temperament, insight, sound judgment, and a sense of fairness and balance in difficult and often gut wrenching family issues or disputes. He treats everyone equally, with compassion and caring.

It takes a very special person to do this job well and I believe that Judge Depanfilis has displayed just how special he is by his conduct and good decision making over many years of service. He also mentors many in the probate system and in the legal community that come to him for guidance. We cannot afford to lose such a seasoned judge. We are fortunate that Tony is willing to continue to give his time, talents, and passion to this important role that is often filled with conflicting and profound issues affecting our communities and our families. He has earned all of our support on Nov. 4!

Toni Boucher


Intern as Witness to Lavielle’s ‘Unwavering Dedication’ to Constituents

October 6, 2014

To the Editor:

As a current college sophomore who interned for State Rep. Gail Lavielle during my senior year at Wilton High School, I feel I am in a unique position to offer unqualified support for her reelection campaign.

What struck me most during my internship, was Gail’s complete and unwavering dedication to her constituents. Every phone call was returned, every email was answered and every request for assistance was treated as a top priority. I believe Gail entered public service for exactly the right reason – to try and improve the lives of people who live in her district.

I think it’s also important to mention the high regard that other elected representatives have for Gail. Both Democrats and Republicans regularly sought Gail out for her opinions, and to gain her support for pieces of legislation.

Gail Lavielle gave me a wonderful introduction to the legislative process. I am grateful for that positive experience, and proud to offer my support for her reelection.


Emmeline George


Lavielle and Boucher Silent on Miller-Driscoll Renovation

October 7

To the Editor,

Despite the heavy media and taxpayer interest, both Representative Lavielle and Senator Boucher have been silent on the Miller-Driscoll Renovation Project, one of the most consequential bonding items in town history. They both voted in the special town meeting on September 27, presumably taking a position, but to my knowledge they have not shared it publicly. Given the size of the project and the amount of local and state taxpayer dollars involved, it has left me mystified as to why they have neglected to take a position? It’s time they stop and realize there is no avoiding the issue. Voters deserve to know their opinions on such a major issue.

Max A. Fanwick


DePanfilis’ Character and Passion for People

October 8

To the Editor,

The Honorable Tony DePanfilis is the right person for Judge of Probate. Decisions entrusted to this position are made on a very personal level, with much thought and consideration, without regard to political affiliation or agendas, for the best interest of the individuals involved. Tony is simply the best at this, and he comes by it naturally. He is a genuine people person. The principles, values, compassion and caring that are the basis for Tony’s personal demeanor, are the foundation for how he conducts himself professionally and are seamlessly transferred into his court room. We have personally witnessed many acts by Tony which demonstrate his character and passion for people; from his gentle and caring way with our elderly parents to his concern and interest for our children and the gracious opening of his home for holidays to an extended community of associates, acquaintances and friends who are unable to be with their families. Tony is genuine and compassionate with expert knowledge of the law. He has served this community with distinction and passion. We are fortunate to have him as Judge of Probate, and he deserves our support on Nov 4th.

Stuart and Mary Ellen Waack


Impressed by Lavielle’s Accomplishments

October 9

To the Editor:

I have been impressed by Rep. Gail Lavielle’s ability to get things done in Hartford, and her impressive record of accomplishments.

From the day she took office four years ago, Gail has played an instrumental role in several pieces of legislation that have been signed into law. For example, she was a key player in legislation to create a “lockbox” around the state’s Special Transportation Fund so that the fund can no longer be raided by legislators looking to fund non-transportation spending.

Rep. Lavielle is our fearless advocate in Hartford and certainly deserves to be reelected.

Andrea Preston


Lavielle Sets Standard for Public Service

October 9

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Gail Lavielle for her tremendous effort as our State Representative. Connecticut faces many challenges, and it is important to have someone like Gail representing our interests. Despite her tremendous legislative workload, Gail still manages to keep everyone up-to-date. I appreciate the informative emails and newsletters she regularly sends.

Gail is also very approachable and responsive. She truly sets a standard for public service that more of our elected officials should follow.  I am proud of her service and she will have my continued support this coming Election day, Nov. 4.

Patricia Belote