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Lavielle’s Tireless Advocacy for Wilton

September 23

To the Editor:

I have been continually impressed by Rep. Gail Lavielle’s tireless advocacy for issues of importance to Wilton and our neighboring towns, and am pleased to support her reelection campaign.

Earlier this year, when Wilton faced a threat from an outside developer who wanted to turn a one-acre parcel into a multi-unit apartment building, Rep. Lavielle was among the first to rally the opposition. She also played a leading role in helping Wilton secure state funding for a walkway that will finally link the train station to our town center. This needed walkway enhances the mobility of residents in the 51 unit senior affordable housing complex, Wilton Commons, which Gail so avidly supported.

Rep. Lavielle has her finger on everything that goes on in Wilton, and I’m grateful that she is fighting hard for us in Hartford.   I am proud to support her, and encourage others to Vote for Gail Lavielle on November 4.

E. Bulkeley Griswold

DePanfilis:  Proven Experience

September 26

To the Editor:

Judge Anthony J. DePanfilis has been, is, and should continue to be our Norwalk Wilton District Probate Judge deserving our vote on Nov. 4. Serving our communities since 1997, he receives the highest commendations from citizens, all political parties, legal peers and importantly those who have had the need of assistance from his court.

We know the necessity to have the right elected officials representing our rights and liberties; and those specialized in particular rights. Tony DePanfilis is that experienced and specialized man for the Probate Court. In elected positions, “you reap what you sow” proves factual over and over. And in judicial matters, no one follows the Golden Rule better. Judge DePanfilis always delivers that, which is best for us, what we would want for ourselves.

Trust in experience, believe in prior results…and our future will be protected by Judge DePanfilis.

Donald H. Sauvigné

Grateful for Lavielle’s Commitment to Local Rights

September 28

To the Editor:

State Representative Gail Lavielle truly represents her constituents in Hartford. Since she took office she has demonstrated that she doesn’t get mired down in government bureaucracy, rather, she looks for the solution. She exemplifies what we expect in a leader in Hartford fighting to help cities and towns maintain control over key issues.

As an example, last year the state legislature enacted a law that requires public schools to follow a regional calendar, meaning that Wilton will no longer be allowed to set its own dates, vacation weeks, or professional development days. This action forces us to adopt a calendar drawn up by out-of-town bureaucrats.

Gail was among the most vocal critics of this idea, and was successful in having its implementation delayed for two years – hopefully a better option, or even outright repeal will be possible.

I am grateful for Rep. Lavielle’s commitment to local rights! Vote for HER!

Sibylle Kinley

Lavielle Tireless on Behalf of Wilton

September 29

To the Editor:

Rep. Gail Lavielle has really raised the bar when it comes to constituent outreach and communication, and I want to express my public thanks for her tireless efforts on behalf of the Wilton community.

Week before last, Gail met with Metro-North officials and shared with them a list of grievances from commuters, and will hold them accountable.  This meeting followed her successful efforts this past winter to force the railroad to restore non-stop service to New York on the early morning Danbury line.

And the list goes on.  Rep. Lavielle was instrumental in securing the funding for the new walkway that will connect the train station to Wilton Center – a project that had been in the planning stages for years.

We are fortunate to have someone as dedicated and accessible as Rep. Lavielle representing us in Hartford.  She deserves to be reelected, and I will be proud to give her my vote!

Peter Wrampe

Vote Lavielle to Restore Fiscal Sanity to CT

October 2

To the Editor:

A vote for Gail Lavielle this November will be a vote in support of restoring fiscal sanity to our state.   And with so much at stake, Gail is exactly the right person for the job!

Gail has been a true advocate of fiscal reform during her two terms in office.  She understands the precarious situation we find ourselves in – from $33 billion in unfunded liabilities, to businesses that have fled our excessive tax policies, to annual calls for more and more spending.

I have been impressed by Gail’s brand of thoughtful leadership.  She has led the way on so many common sense solutions.  She introduced legislation to stop the practice of raiding the state’s Transportation Fund to pay for non-transportation projects.  She helped write a budget proposal that called for no new taxes, and forced some accountability.  And how about this – she actually went door to door, talking to small business owners, asking how Hartford could do a better job of helping them prosper – and create more jobs.

Gail Lavielle deserves to be reelected, and I am pleased to give her my support.

L. Michael Rudolph