Meet your Board of Selectmen candidates, Wilton!

This information is compiled from a number of sources:  candidate-supplied biographical information, candidate supplied Op-Eds, and video from the Oct. 19 Board of Selectmen Candidate Forum, at which candidates answered questions submitted by Wilton residents. The forum was sponsored by GOOD Morning Wilton, the Wilton Library Association and the Wilton League of Women Voters.

The four candidates for the Board of Education are (in order of how they appear on the ballot):  Deborah McFadden (D), Joshua Cole (R), Lori Bufano (R) and Al Alper (petition).

Deborah McFadden (D)

Deb McFadden is a 20-year Wilton resident. She has served on the Board of Selectmen, Security Task Force, Trackside Board, as a Wilton constable and member of the 2008 Electoral College.

McFadden is chair of the Wilton Democratic Town Committee and on the Norwalk River Valley Trail Board. Active in the Wilton community, she has a long history of hands-on involvement in many local community organizations.

All of the McFadden children have attended the Wilton Public Schools.

McFadden is a graduate of Utah State University in Journalism and Political Science. She currently works as the business development director for Stronger International.

Deborah McFadden’s GMW Op-Ed

YouTube video

Joshua Cole (R)

Joshua Cole and his wife moved here 10 years ago and have two little girls under six. He attended Sacred Heart University, majored in political science, graduated Magna Cum Laude, played for the football team, and was a member of student senate and the debate team. Cole attended Syracuse University College of Law, where he was a Moot Court Team member, and Form and Accuracy Editor of the National Italian American Bar Association Law Journal. Cole is a practicing real estate and finance attorney and chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals, and has worked with the Board of Selectmen in choosing new town counsel.

Joshua Cole’s GMW Op-Ed

YouTube video

Lori Bufano (R)

Lori Bufano currently serves on the Board of Selectmen, and also has close to ten years of experience serving on Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Her family has lived in Wilton since 1973 and Bufano is a Wilton High School graduate. She obtained a BA from Villanova University as well as an MBA from the University of New Haven. She was recently awarded a CMRP degree by the American Hospital Association.

Bufano’s career has been in Healthcare-related fields with 30-plus years of experience. She is currently employed by Yale New Haven Health System.

Lori Bufano’s GMW Op-Ed

YouTube video

Al Alper (petition)

Al Alper is a 16-plus-year Wilton resident who moved here for a sense of community, an excellent school system and a “family” atmosphere. He believes in volunteerism and working to keep what matters, so he immediately volunteered to help keep Wilton an attractive place to live, raise a family and, eventually retire.

Alper is a business owner in Town. Having served on Wilton’s Board of Finance, Planning and Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Southwestern Regional Planning Agency, he’s dedicated 13 years to public service and believes strongly that local governance must be transparent and accountable.

Al Alper’s GMW Op-Ed

YouTube video
Bd. of Selectmen Candidate Forum–Welcoming Remarks and Moderator Groundrules

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Question 1:  One of the big issues we face is attracting and retaining residents, and often quality of life issues are cited as reasons why they move to other towns. Weston is able to use the Westport beaches. Why don’t we have similar arrangements with Norwalk to use their beaches at the resident rates? If you are elected, how do you envision ways of improving the town to attract and retain people?

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Question 2:  How will you balance the interests of your political party with those of the unaffiliated voters in town?

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Question 3:  In the period from 1996 to 2012, Wilton was the third highest in the state in percent increase in per capita spending. Currently Wilton is in the fourth highest in spending per capita in the state of CT. Given the expected difficult financial situation we are facing due to debt service increases and potential teacher pension obligations we are facing, what will you do to try to bring spending under control?

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Question 4:  In light of low attendance at annual town meetings, please share your thoughts on the usefulness and efficiency of the Annual Town Meeting, in passing or defeating the yearly budget.

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Question 5:  What is your vision for the future of Rte. 7; what problems do you foresee, and what ideas do you have to address these?

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Question 6:  When the next Charter Commission is convened in the future, what issues should be included and discussed?

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Candidates’ Closing Statements

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