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Ross Tartell–Fresh Thinking and Hard Work

To the Editor:

We are writing to support Ross Tartell for Representative in the 125th District. We know Ross through church and through his work in town. He’s one of the most personable and impressive people we’ve met since moving to Wilton 20 years ago. His career has been devoted to making organizations and companies perform more effectively, both as a management consultant, a teacher and a volunteer. Ross does not begin by disparaging our state and our town.  He loves Wilton.  He loves Connecticut. He understands that progress requires fresh thinking and hard work, and that  such work must extend “across the aisle.” He shares our belief in fiscal discipline, environmental stewardship, and inclusiveness. Ross is exactly the kind of person we need in Hartford to lower the rhetoric and begin the hard work of solving our problems. We will vote for Ross Tartell in November. 

Bob and Julie Carney

Need Will Haskell to Reinvigorate CT and Move Forward

To the Editor:

I support Will Haskell for State Senate in the 26th District because he supports the family issues that count: equal pay, paid family leave, livable minimum wage—policies his opponent does not. He also knows that we can go further with gun safety legislation. He recognizes that our infrastructure is overdue for improvement, and has the ideas to make that happen. Above all, he will bring back the honesty, integrity, open-mindedness and civility that should characterize American political discourse, but that has somehow been lost.

We need Will’s help to reinvigorate Connecticut and move it forward.


Alison Mark

Voting Republican the Sensible Choice

To the Editor:

In today’s cynical society, I was pleased no one had monetized the anthem/flag disrespect controversy, but that ended, with Nike’s latest campaign. Perhaps, had it been another company, I would believe they were trying to spark honest debate; however, in Nike’s case, it is a self-serving attempt to change the narrative and re-position the company as a victim, willing to make sacrifices. When in truth, Nike has created victims through its culture of sexual bias.

The misdirection is working. Internet search results on “Nike” return the ad campaign and not Nike’s controversial labor practices or numerous lawsuits; including, this week’s on behalf of stockholders.

It is imperative for consumers and voters to examine the motivations and deeds of the figures involved in sensational stories. The mantel of convenient, false activism and victimhood, is, increasingly, the distraction of choice.

With my older son looking to colleges and careers, I am acutely aware of how poorly Connecticut is fairing, compared to almost every other state, so it is easy for me not to be distracted. I know Connecticut cannot continue to treat people, towns and businesses like piggy-banks to pay for poor policy.

But there is hope. This year, the Republicans were able to propose a balanced budget despite not being in the majority. Our state needs to make more sensible choices. In November, I am going to make the sensible choice for my state, town and family and vote Republican. I encourage Wiltonians to do their homework and the same.

Lisa Pojano