She may not be able to earn their votes yet, but First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice still loves to interact with Wilton kids. Not only has she been spotted doing a bit of face painting at the recent Winter Carnival, but last week she also met with students at both Cider Mill School and Our Lady of Fatima School.

Last Thursday, Feb. 1, Vanderslice held a Town Hall Meeting for fourth graders from Cider Mill’s Kent and Cannondale houses, as the concluding event of their social studies unit called, “How our Government Works.” According to the latest issue of News from the Schools, “students learned about federal, state and local governments through interactive read aloud, reading digital texts and teacher’s mini lectures,” during the unit.

Their final assignment was to prepare for and participate in the Town Hall meeting. After reviewing their unit notes, they were asked to interview their parents to help come up with questions to ask. They also summarized what they learned during the unit to share during the Town Hall. The News from the Schools reported that, “Students asked thoughtful questions and took notes as they added onto their own learning through the First Selectwoman’s presentation and response to their questions.”

Vanderslice agreed. In a Facebook post about the visit, she wrote: “Just finished meeting with half of the Cider Mill 4th grade classes. Boy, were they attentive and well prepared with their questions. Since we ran out of time, I provided them with my email address. Parents, don’t hesitate to have them email me with their ideas and questions. And congratulations on raising such great children.”

She’s looking forward to meeting with the other half of the grade when she returns in March.

Her fun continued later that same day with a visit to Our Lady of Fatima School, where she was the “mystery reader” in Danielle Mancuso‘s 8th grade class. She chose to read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, a choice she said was inspired by the memory of reading it to her son “many, many times many years ago.”

“It was very interesting and enlightening to hear their thoughts. Another group of engaged and thoughtful students from Wilton and area towns,” Vanderslice wrote on Facebook.