An extraordinary photo exhibit from the Circle of Care is on display at the Wilton Library. “There is…Life Within the Journey,” features an intimate look at real faces behind pediatric cancer, presenting an alternative view and narrative of childhood cancer, focusing on the strength and resilience of these children rather than their disease.

This traveling exhibit, conceived and developed by the Wilton-based Circle of Care for families of children with cancer, features 22 images of children from communities across the state of Connecticut, delicately captured by photographer Jeanna Shepard.

The exhibit highlights the personalities and character traits of each child bravely facing his or her disease, showing defiance, pluck, determination, gratitude, resilience, laughter and fortitude and more. Accompanying each image, a brief story emphasizes the attributes that help these brave children to endure various parts of the journey. Circle of Care is honoring these children and families who show that there is indeed life within the journey.

The exhibit is up at the Wilton Library now, and runs through April 26; there is a reception, which is free and open to the public, this Friday, April 8 from 6-8 p.m..

State senator Ted Kennedy, a pediatric cancer survivor himself, hosted a reception at the State Capitol last month. He remarked, “Circle of Care’s powerful exhibit, ‘Life Within the Journey,’ reveals the other side of pediatric cancer, the side where life—in all its beautiful and complex detail—marches on.”

“There is…Life Within the Journey” has been showcased in seven different communities throughout Connecticut, including Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, New Haven, Madison, Westport and Hartford. There is also a permanent exhibit at the Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.

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