Woodcock Nature Center announced receiving a $4,000 grant from Fairfield County Bank to support its general operations. The Bank has supported the Nature Center since 2017.

“We are thrilled by Fairfield County Bank’s belief in our work,” Lenore Eggleston Herbst, WNC executive director, said in a press release. “The Bank and its management continue to set an example for stewardship in our community, and we are grateful for their support.”

Located in Wilton on 149 acres of state-protected land, Woodcock Nature Center includes a pond, wetlands and three miles of publicly accessible woodland trails. The Center is home to a variety of living local and exotic creatures including snakes, frogs, lizards and a handful of injured birds of prey. A non-profit organization since 1972, Woodcock serves as a resource for educating the community about our natural surroundings through public outreach, school field trips and visits, on-site birthday parties and a summer camp.

Fairfield County Bank vice president Doreen McManus said in the release that the Bank is “deeply committed” to supporting local organizations that provide enriching educational opportunities in the community. “We are proud to have an ongoing partnership with Woodcock Nature Center,” she added.