For one Wilton teenager, driving fast actually gets rewarded.

Emma Delattre has been Kart racing for eight years–or roughly half her life. Just last month she participated in the Rok World Kart Racing Finals in Italy, after back-to-back first- and second-place qualifying finishes in New Orleans and New York over the summer. That feat secured her spot as one of only three Americans to qualify in her category for the world racing championship, an event that saw participation from racers hailing from more than 60 countries.

In Italy, Delattre faced 34 of the best drivers from all over the world in her division. Her qualifying drives earned her a pole position at the start; not only did she keep that lead the entire race, but she managed to distance herself from the field with a fast pace and smart driving for the entire 15-lap race. Delattre pulled out a win for the Senior ROK OMP Trophy B-Final, which landed her in first place atop the podium, as both the only female and the sole American.

Delattre is an alum of Ridgefield Academy and will graduate in 2020 from the Wooster School.