Police officers and firefighters put their lives on the line for the community. One local business has found a unique way to say, “Thank you!”

When JoyRide co-founders Amy Hochhauser and Rhodie Lorenz opened their first boutique indoor cycling studio nearly seven years ago, giving back and helping the community was a central component of their ethos. They have witnessed, first-hand, how fitness can transform people’s lives, whether it be improving their health, becoming stronger physically and emotionally or overcoming challenges on and off the bike.

In line with their mission, JoyRide offers firefighters and police officers free classes at all four Connecticut studios on an ongoing basis.

“Since we opened, we have always had this offer. We feel that it is important to appreciate and support these local heroes, who do so much for our towns. Fitness is important to what they do, and it is an honor to welcome them into our ‘JoyFamily.’ We hope that more of them take advantage of it!” Lorenz says.

Wilton firefighter John Edwards, who enthusiastically attends classes at the Wilton studio says : “As a firefighter, I’ve always tried to be diligent about maintaining a good level of fitness. Cycling with JoyRide has significantly increased my fitness level. Fitness is very important in the emergency services and I thank JoyRide for their desire to help improve the health of local firefighters and police officers.”

Edwards says that it’s an above-and-beyond gesture from JoyRide.

“I did not become a firefighter looking for a ‘thank you’ in the incredibly generous manner that JoyRide has thanked firefighters and police officers. Having said this, a simple verbal thank you is greatly appreciated. ”

Mike Blatchley, the vice president of Wilton Firefighters Local 2233 has also expressed his thanks in a letter that Lauren Mallozzi, the general manager of the JoyRide Wilton studio, was thrilled to receive.

For more information on this offering, get in touch with JoyRide via email or by calling 203.762.6122. or JoyRide’s marketing and communications contact, Lesley Osborn, at 203.524.3801.