GOOD Morning, Miller-Driscoll students!

After being closed to the public all summer while undergoing renovations, your school is ready and waiting for you to come in this morning (Thursday, Sept. 1) and meet your teachers for the 2016-17 school year. Thanks to some very hard-working builders, engineers, contractors and architects, there have been big things done to fix what needed fixing and some other new changes in your school.

Thanks also to your teachers, administrators and building maintenance staff, as they worked quickly and over long hours to get everything in order for you. There were crews here very, very late last night, making sure carpets were vacuumed, floors were polished, boxes were put away and everything was clean and put in the right place. There were even painters working after midnight to finish painting the beams in the cafeteria.

Deserving special mention:  Michael Douyard, who stayed calm through the storm to make sure every detail was as perfect as possible; Chris Burney, Wilton’s director of facilities, who ran things from the town side (along with the MD Building Committee); and Willie DeHostas, who heads the maintenance staff at MD, who, in his continued dedication, even slept only two hours in his office overnight, to make sure everything was gleaming and ready.

For anyone who has watched the progress in the photos we’ve shared and the stories we’ve written through the spring and summer, you can see the incredible progress that’s been made. While the Miller-Driscoll campus is still a construction site, and work is still progressing on the new wing of the school, all the areas where the students, teachers and staff will be are ready either right on time or ahead of schedule.

We stopped in bright and early today (at 6 a.m.!) to be able to show these pictures to readers first thing this morning. Miller-Driscoll moms and dads, we’d love to hear what you thought when you saw what’s been done up until now. Keep in mind, the overall project isn’t finished yet–it won’t be completely done until Sept. 2017, one whole year from now. The new wing (including the new kitchen and cafeteria, and the preschool) won’t be ready until at least the end of October 2016. Officials also tell us that so much of the necessary work that was done is above the ceiling where you can’t even see it–things like sprinklers, new HVAC, interior walls extended up to the decking, and more.

Take a look through the gallery of first-look Miller-Driscoll photos and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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