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Everything Will be Okay

The Wilton Heights development is on its way to (finally) being approved. After the closure of the application’s public hearing in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission, members of the commission indicated that they’re all likely to approve.

Now P&Z staff members will draft a resolution for the commissioners to consider. There’s a long list of conditions that will be incorporated into that resolution in order to get the okay–such as a promise that there will be no sit-down restaurant, that the historic corn crib structure on the property will be saved and moved off-site, and that off-site improvements to Rte. 7 will be made (or at least funding provided for).

The draft resolution will likely be considered for the first time at the next P&Z meeting on Feb. 11. It may take more than one meeting for the commission to discuss the application and testimony it heard to reach an ultimate approval. Stay tuned…

One More Cup of Coffee

Don’t forget, this morning Wilton’s state representatives Gail Lavielle and Tom O’Dea are hosting a coffee for constituents at Orem’s Diner, from 8-9 a.m.. It’s an opportunity to hear from them about what the top issues will be this coming legislative session, and to ask questions.

They Blinded Me with Science

Middlebrook Science and Engineering Fair 2019 is inviting all of Wilton to stop by the school’s annual science fair. It takes place today Tuesday, Jan. 29, (snow Date Thursday, Jan. 31) in the Middlebrook Gym.

There are about 120 Wilton students taking part this year and exploring the worlds of science, technology and engineering. The Middlebrook Science and Engineering Fair is sponsored by the Middlebrook PTA and the Wilton Education Foundation (WEF).

During the show, the students explain their exhibits to guests and judges, who are invited from the Wilton schools (excluding Middlebrook), the community and beyond. Judges are professionals who have a science or engineering background. This year there are 27 judges–among them teachers, doctors, dentists, scientists, pharmacists, and engineers–who will evaluate the projects based on criteria determined by the CT science and engineering fair committee.

There are three categories of exhibits—Life Science, Physical Science and Engineering. Awards are given out for ‘best of fair,’ and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category, separately for 6th graders and 7th-8th graders combined. The 7th-8th Grade Winners will then move on to the CT State Science and Engineering Fair.

The winners are also awarded cash prizes, courtesy of WEF.

Winter Wonderland

This past Sunday brought crowds to Wilton Center for the Wilton Chamber of Commerce‘s second annual Winter Carnival.

We have some pictures of the fun events, courtesy of the Chamber’s Camille Carriero.

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