When Adam Keller proposed to his fellow JoyRide Wilton spin instructor Jared Marinelli, the video of the duo’s flash mob engagement made them viral Internet sensations.  Now the two are debuting as stars of their own digital series, “Joy Story,” which premieres today, Wednesday, Sept. 21 on HooplaHa.com. The original, 20-episode web series will follow Marinelli and Keller as they plan their 2017 wedding.

The series is one of three being produced by HooplaHa Only Good News, a digital media company dedicated to positive news stories. It’s being launched in partnership with Al Roker’s Roker Media on his new Live Streaming Network (LSN). In addition to their HooplaHa video episodes, the new video series will offer live programming component to connect viewers in real-time through interactive platforms like Facebook Live. Jared and Adam will stream live programming weekly, engaging their fans by surveying them for advice on wedding planning details and honeymoon locations.

One of the people who launched HooplaHa was Rob Hess, a Wilton resident. “People are craving good news in today’s world–and that’s what we do,” Hess says. As the HooplaHa-Only Good News’ chief content officer, he believes that the public isn’t exposed to enough good news. “HooplaHa is the ultimate source of positive, inspiring stories–the stories people want to talk about and share.”

Last February, the inspiring video of Jared and Adam’s Valentine’s Day flash mob, JoyRide studio marriage proposal exploded online, with two million views within 24 hours. It then went on to nab nearly six million views from HooplaHa’s own Facebook page, in addition to garnering over 26 million in reach across the social channels. Not only did people watch the video, they engaged by sharing the video and commenting, spurring a landslide of support from around the globe.

After the video was posted, they heard from people all around the world (including Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Denmark and the Philippines) and inspired many other same sex couples who seek acceptance and equality.

Watch “Joy Story” on HooplaHa.com, and check out the teaser, below: