It’s been feeling like spring but winter’s going to make a big comeback tomorrow, Friday, March 10. The way this minor snow event is shaping up, Wilton Schools will likely be impacted, forcing either a delayed start or a cancellation.


Snow will begin in the early morning hours Friday, continuing through about noon. This will make for a messy morning commute with snow falling at a moderate rate, which will drop visibilities. The saving grace about this event, however, is that temperatures will be marginally cold just below freezing, so the roads that are treated shouldn’t be too bad. Since the snow will be falling during the entire morning, it will be hard to see and roads will still be slick. This leads me to conclude that despite the marginal temperatures and treated roads, they will still be dangerous and hard to drive in.

School Predictions

With all of that said, a school delay is likely (85% chance) and a school cancellation is possible (70% chance). I also want to add that the timing of this snow is contributing significantly to that possible chance for a full snow day because the snow will end later than when school would start at with a delay.

Check back at Jackson’s Weather School Webpage throughout the night for up-to-the minute school predictions.

One last note:  There’s a significant chance for a major snow event Tuesday, March 14, so get ready for more possible disruptions!