5 replies on “From Refugees to Citizenship: GOOD News for Syrian Family Resettled in Wilton”

  1. Thank you for this update on Manal and her family. I haven’t seen them in a few years and am happy to hear the news of Manal’s citizenship and to hear what the four children are doing. Best to them and thank you to all the Wiltonians (and others) who helped them get settled and then manage the complexities of life in a new country and while learning the language. Onward.

  2. This is an incredible story – thank you to all of those who assisted with this effort – well done!

  3. With the spectacular annual meal-packaging volunteer event in support of Rise Against Hunger on everyone’s mind, it may be surprising to learn about Wi-Act’s amazing support of other initiatives such as hands-on sponsorship of refugee families. Under the leadership of Steve Hudspeth, who with unfailing kindness and generosity leads this effort, to the dedicated members of the Interfaith Committee, Wi-Act quietly but with great impact demonstrates the best of Wilton.

  4. Bless you Steve! Wi-ACT truly could not exist without your Light-filled leadership!
    It has been such a joy watching Manal and these wonderful kids blossom and grow in their new home. This refugee mother’s strength has been an inspiration to all of us who have helped the family put down roots here!

  5. Wonderful story one to be so proud of. And amongst the constant bad news we see in the dailies. And to think–standing on their own feet!
    Congrats to Wilton and its people!

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