Two-point-three million kids can’t be wrong. That’s how many young athletes played softball in the U.S. in 2017, so it’s no surprise that softball in Wilton is gaining traction. But now the two diamond-sports organizations in Wilton are giving softball its due by merging their dual efforts into one dedicated entity.

For the past decade, resources dedicated to softball were split between two organizations, Wilton Little League (WLL), for recreation softball, and the Wilton Baseball & Softball Association (WBSA), for travel softball and high school boosters. Although their support of baseball and softball was in common, both organizations had different missions.

Beginning with the 2019 season, through a partnership between the WLL and the WBSA, Wilton is officially merging its Recreation, Travel, and High School Booster Softball programs to create one organization, Wilton Softball. Officials of the new collaboration

Kory Schestag, who spearheaded the initiative, will take over as Wilton Softball President from Dom Rauccio in August of 2019. He says say the new collaboration will create many synergies for the sport and benefit players, parents and coaches alike.

“I don’t think we have been as efficient as possible both for the girls and the parents due to the separation of activities between WLL and WBSA. Research about the surrounding towns has shown there is only one other (Norwalk) that splits their rec/Little League and travel into separate organizations.”

In a statement released by Wilton Softball, the group put forward it’s mission and priorities:

“The priority for the new organization will be to provide the best environment it can for the continuing development of players to allow them to be successful for as long as they want to play the game. Wilton Softball believes this can best be achieved through a single organization dedicated to girls’ softball, from t-ball through high school. A dedicated organization will create a single voice for the sport in Wilton, with an aligned set of resources dedicated to the girls. The single organization will create efficiencies in the management of resources including fields, coaches, equipment and clinics and provide a less-confusing structure for parents and players to navigate.

“Wilton Softball’s mission is to promote, organize and support athletes in fastpitch softball development from the youth level all the way through to the high school level. Wilton Softball seeks to instill in its athletes the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and teamwork so they will grow to be well-rounded, healthy adults.

This announcement coincides with the opening of the Spring 2019 season for recreation, travel and high school softball. For further information, visit the new website for Wilton Softball.