photo:  Tor Aronson

The Wilton High School tennis courts may have just been renovated since last fall, but it looks like one section will already need some repair work. That’s because Tuesday afternoon, May 1, at 1 p.m., a car crashed through the fence and onto the court after the driver confused the brake and accelerator pedals.

Thankfully, the only damages were to the court and the vehicle. The driver, Wilton resident Brenda Rice Prichard, was not injured and there were no other bystanders or players on the court at the time.

According to the police report, Prichard, age 78, was working at the Minks to Sinks sale location and returned to her car, a 2010 Mercedes, which was parked slightly to the left of the tennis courts facing Route 7. After starting her car, she did not realize the car was in drive, and when the vehicle began to roll forward she put her foot down on what she thought was the brake instead stepped on the accelerator. The car’s wheels had been turned to the right when Prichard parked, so that when she accelerated, the car pulled forward to the right into the tennis court fence and onto the court, before Prichard was able to step on the brake and put the car in park.

Police did not file any charges.

Steve Pierce, director of Wilton’s Parks and Recreation Department, said that he had not yet received a quote for repairing the damages but that repairs may be completed by the end of this week.

2 replies on “Gas Pedal Mixup Leads to Car Accident Damage at Renovated Tennis Courts”

  1. Glad there were no injuries. I would suggest placing some large concrete planters in front of the fence to prevent a possible (and worse) recurrence. Perhaps a student club at the high school could make them with the assistance of faculty. Quite easy and fun to do.

  2. Glad she’s safe but I hope when they get the repair estimate they send her the bill.

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