Following last week’s budget hearings, and the presentation of the education budget proposed by the Board of Education, the Board of Finance has asked for resident input on the education budget, as one data point to consider heading into the mill rate deliberation meeting this Wednesday, April 6.

GOOD Morning Wilton is interested to find out as well. While this poll is not scientific, nor is this an official poll for the town of Wilton, we’re conducting our own survey of our readers about whether or not you support the proposed 1.27-percent budget increase for next year proposed by the Board of Education.

(Click HERE to see the Board of Education budget on the BoE website.)

Voting ends at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 5, and we’ll publish the results on the morning of Wednesday, April 6. Participants can only cast one vote.

UPDATE 9:20 A.M.:  We’ve noticed some irregularities and duplicate votes from the same IP addresses. Those duplicates have been deleted and we will continue to monitor for similar irregularities. has also taken additional steps to block IP addresses with multiple votes.

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2 replies on “ POLL: Do You Support the 2016-17 Education Budget?”

  1. The survey shows the results instantly (despite the article saying that the results will be published on 4/6), something that tends to have the effect of skewing things towards the majority of folks who voted earliest in the process. Also, I think the word “support” is slightly loaded — for instance, a voter might support the budget as a good-faith effort and think that much of the budget is fine but still intend to vote No (Too High) or No (Too Low) at the annual town meeting; that person may not see himself or herself as someone who doesn’t “support” the budget. A more neutral wording would have been, “Do you intend to vote in favor of the 2016-2017 budget proposed by the Board of Education (1.27% increase)?” or “If the annual town meeting were held today, how would you vote on the 2016-2017 budget proposed by the Board of Education (1.27% increase)?” In addition, this poll skews towards favoring individuals who have Internet access and are savvy enough to set up a login online, i.e., younger voters, thus excluding many older citizens in town — a demographic, incidentally, which skews towards voting “No (Too High)” on the BOE budget. I appreciate GMW’s efforts in setting up a poll and recognize that it was not meant to be scientific, but all the same, I would not put any stock in the predictive value of this particular one.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Simon. There have been ‘NO’ votes coming in steadily throughout, since the poll opened, so we’ll have to wait and see how steady the percentage spread stays. But I don’t think there’s any skewing at work.

    Since the town isn’t at the stage yet of voting for or against a 1.27% increase–we still have to see what the BoF will do–the question is about the current budget proposed.

    There is no online login or registration required in order to vote. It’s open to anyone who can access the page, so no extra ‘savvy’ skills required. Interestingly, at this point the numbers seem to run along the same lines as the BoF is reporting, through emails they’ve received and comments at the meetings.

    I wonder if anyone has suggested that the BoF might be skewed because they’re accepting emails, which also requires internet access? is an online medium, so this is the venue we’re using.

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