Wednesday night, members of the Wilton Chamber of Commerce gathered to enjoy the organization’s annual celebration. During the evening several Wilton businesses celebrating anniversaries were recognized:  Lucci Electric (60 years); Wilton Travel (40 years); Realty Seven (40 years); Open House Gift Shop (35 years); and Fairfield Bank (20 years).

In addition, Chamber officials named me Business Person of the Year. Starting GOOD Morning Wilton five years ago, I set out to showcase what was at the heart of what its success is today–the website is a reflection of the people and spirit of this town, whose focus is community and connection. There are wonderful stories everywhere you look–long-standing businesses, dedicated volunteers, families and friends–people committed to making Wilton an amazing place to raise families, to go to school, to work, to play, to give back and to retire.

Telling stories is easy when the stories are what we see here in Wilton. Building the venture has been a labor of love, but labor nonetheless. It wouldn’t be possible without my family–my children and my husband, Mikael, whose support is boundless and generous.

Wilton is a place that looks forward and celebrates its past. Since 1993, the Chamber has recognized other recipients of the Business Person of the Year award. I thought they should be mentioned here too, as a reminder of what this town is about–dedication, community and connection. Finding these attributes on a daily basis all around us makes GOOD Morning Wilton and my job a pleasure–I look forward to telling them for many more years to come.

Heather Borden Herve

Past Business Person of the Year Recipients

1993 Tom Donahue
1994 Peter Keating
1995 Michael Golrick
1996 Sue Wall
1997 Peter Cholnoky
1998 Bonner Herren
1999 Don Mecca
2000 Bruce Campbell Graham
2001 Henry “Skip” Heydt
2002 Leland “Lee” Wilson, Paul Hafter
2003 Nicki Brown
2004 Tom Adams
2005 Frank Rowella
2006 Bruce Bennett
2007 Stanley Matthews
2008 Marianne Wilson
2009 Judith White
2010 Mitchell Ancona
2011 Lawrence Apple
2012 Walter Schalk
2013 Stephen Summerton
2014 Nicholas Lee
2016 Nancy Dolnier
2017 Mario Lopez & Cristina Ramirez

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