Autumn leaves are an essential part of the ecosystem, even after they’ve fallen. When used for mulch, they help deliver nutrients to the soil during barren winter months. Place shredded leaves around the base of shrubbery and trees to insulate and nourish root systems.

Decomposing leaves also provide food to soil insects, such as earthworms. Animals preparing their winter nests for hibernation often collect leaves to use as insulation, so leave a few behind when raking.

Our weekly “Eco Tips” series is a collaboration between GOOD Morning Wilton, Wilton Go Green and the Middlebrook Recycling Club, under the direction of teacher Janet Nobles. The tips will help teach readers more about environmental sustainability and eco-awareness, and will feature a range of easy and earth-friendly, sustainable ideas that can save Wilton residents and homeowners money while improving their quality of life.

Photo credit:  Max Downing.  Students in photo:  Tess Nobles and Maya Farrell. They are all 7th grade Recycling Club members.