Stylish, light-weight reusable bags are widely available, so there’s no reason not to bring your own. Leave them by the garage door or on the passenger seat of your car to help remind you to bring them with you when you shop. Purchase good quality cloth bags that can be washed; they’ll stay clean and last longer—and help reduce the more than 500 billion plastic bags that pollute our oceans and food chain.

Pictured, from left to right:  Erica Buse, Kathleen Solecki, Mary Redmond and Allison Dunn.  Photo taken by Tess Nobles

Our weekly “Eco Tips” series is a collaboration between GOOD Morning Wilton, Wilton Go Green and the Middlebrook Recycling Club, under the direction of teacher Janet Nobles. The tips will help teach readers more about environmental sustainability and eco-awareness, and will feature a range of easy and earth-friendly, sustainable ideas that can save Wilton residents and homeowners money while improving their quality of life. To see ALL the Eco Tips we’ve published so far, click here.