Gov Lamont: CT Schools Likely Closed Until Fall

Gov. Ned Lamont is not optimistic about Connecticut students returning to classrooms before the end of this school year. In an interview Tuesday morning with WCBS-AM radio, Lamont said because of the coronavirus threat, it was unlikely schools in the state would reopen before next fall.

Just yesterday, he ordered all schools to be closed through at least April 20, but now he’s looking past that date.

“I really think that’s the likelihood,” Lamont said. “We just look at Italy and we look at Wuhan province, you see what the life cycle was there and you worry that if people get back too quickly that there’ll be a second iteration of this virus. So April 20 is the minimum, probably the school year,” he told WCBS.

According to the Hartford Courant, a spokesperson for Lamont said, “The governor was speculating, not issuing any sort of order.”

The paper quotes the governor’s communication director Max Reiss as saying that Lamont will consult with Connecticut superintendents and educators, but, “Gov. Lamont is telling school systems they must be prepared for a potentially unprecedented break from classes being held in schools as a result of the coronavirus to ensure students, teachers, staff, and parents are safe.”