Easter is the most holy of holidays for Christians, but it’s also a very sweet time for many children, and no one knows that better than Nancy Saxe, the owner of Wilton’s favorite candy store, Sweet Pierre’s. She has owned the shop for 12 years, first in Ridgefield and then moving the business to the Kimco River Park Shopping Plaza at 5 River Rd. in 2010.

Known for the specialty chocolates and candies she carries, Saxe makes sure there are treats for everyone in her store–whether your taste runs to spicy, nut-free, dairy-free, (vegan!), chocolate or fruity–and there are non-candy treats as well, including cookies, jams, teas and more. The store specializes in custom baskets and party favors for any occasion, as well as offers a wide variety of seasonal goodies depending on the holiday. Right now, of course, her shelves are filled with chocolate bunnies of every size, eggs, jelly beans and Easter basket supplies.

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We asked Saxe to take a couple moments from her very busy Easter prep to answer our GOOD Morning Wilton Q&A.

GOOD Morning Wilton:  What is the name of your business?

Nancy Saxe:  Sweet Pierre’s

GMW:  How long have you had your business?

NS:  I have owned Sweet Pierre’s for 12 years.

GMW:  How did you get into this field?

NS:  I was looking for a small business to own, and the previous owner of Sweet Pierre’s wanted to retire.

GMW:  What do you love most about your job?

NS:  My regular customers who either love chocolate or love giving chocolate as a gift! They have their favorites but also enjoy trying new products. Also, when I prepare wedding or shower favors for a customer, I love receiving pictures of the event…usually accompanied by accolades for the favors.

GMW:  What sets your business apart from any other?

NS:  Because I don’t make any of the products I sell, I can source the best based on what my customers want. The products change with trends, seasons, tastes and needs.

GMW:  What would people be surprised to learn about you and your business?

NS:  As much as I love chocolate, cookies and cupcakes are my Achilles Heel! If I ate a little chocolate each day, and stayed away from the other stuff, I would be better off. In Europe, chocolate is a way of life. There are dozens of beautiful chocolate shops and many cafes offer a small piece of chocolate with your daily coffee, espresso, etc. On the flip side, although there is the occasional bakery, you don’t come across donut shops and a lot of junk food places in many European countries.

GMW:  What was the most memorable work experience you’ve had?

NS:  Hmmm….that’s a tough one, but about three years into owning Sweet Pierre’s, I was interviewed by Christopher Brooks (son of Patricia Brooks, the New York Times food critic) for a feature in the CT section of The New York Times. I had no idea what to say, but his article made me look like an experienced pro and it definitely brought in customers.

GMW:  Any funny anecdotes/recollections/story from your work here?

NS:  Again, about three years into the business, my younger daughter who was around 11 at the time, asked, “Mom, this year do you think I could have a bunny with its ears still on?”  I had to explain that those bunnies get sold!

GMW:  What do you love about doing business?

NS:  Owning a business definitely has its ups and downs–sometimes I like my boss and sometimes she’s a pain in the behind! Retail is somewhat confining, in that you have to be open whether there are customers or not. But during the busy seasons, there’s nothing better than have a full shop with people in and out all day!

GMW:  What do you love about Wilton?


  1. The residents are savvy about good food/chocolate
  2. The various businesses in town all focus on what they do best and don’t try to offer everything to everyone
  3. Wilton is small enough to know many of the residents but big enough to attract people from other towns.
  4. There are many residents that appreciate local businesses and the value in supporting them.

GMW:  What do you hope to give your customers?

NS:  I hope that they always find something that suits their needs, and that they are very pleased with the service. If they are shopping for a gift, I want them to be proud of their gift. If they are shopping for themselves, I want their purchase to entice them to come back for more!

GMW:  What kind of awards/accolades/brags would you like to share?

NS:  Hmm…..I am one of the few establishments that are allowed to sell Bridgewater Chocolates and Neuhaus Chocolates. Also, recently I was asked to participate at the Farm-Raiser event at Ambler Farm on April 21. They will feature five food vendors, and I will be the only sweet/dessert vendor. I was very flattered that they asked me.

GMW:  Any particulars about Easter for your business?

NS:  I have stocked so many wonderful things for Easter baskets of all ages and tastes. Plus, we have beautiful place setting and centerpiece items to create a wonderful Easter table. The Bridgewater Floppy Bunnies are all hand decorated and make a terrific centerpiece to a basket or table. I also have a new line of vegan chocolate bunnies!

GMW:  What Wilton business do you like and would recommend to GMW readers?

I don’t think anyone opens a business in Wilton planning to make a fast million! Instead, they realize it’s an opportunity to provide a service and become a part of a great town. This is so obvious to me when I shop locally. GOOD Morning Wilton is a great example of this….these questions were sent to me at 2 a.m., and you took time out of your Sunday to take pictures, etc.!  The owners truly care about the customers and work hard to please them. The only challenge is that we all have the same hours, so it’s difficult to get to each other’s establishments during open hours.