The start of this week (June 12-18) will finally be hot and summer-like as the heat wave continues through Tuesday. Then during the latter part of the week, it will cool back down to around average with the chance for storms once again increasing.

Monday, June 12:  Monday will be a continuation of the heat wave that started on Sunday, June 11. Remember, a heat wave is when you have at least three consecutive 90-degree days. We got into the 90s on Sunday and we will likely get into the 90s on both Monday and Tuesday. For Monday, it’s going to be very hot and kind of humid with a forecast high of 95 degrees under abundant sunshine.

Tuesday, June 13:  The heat wave will come to an end on Tuesday but not before we hit 94 degrees, which is about 20 degrees above average. That will be accompanied by sunny to partly cloudy skies with the slight chance for a late-day thunderstorm. It will once again be on the humid side, so it will be an excessively hot and uncomfortable day. Be sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water because heat like this can become dangerous.

Wednesday, June 14:  Wednesday will be a shock to the system because a backdoor cold front will push through from the north, creating a wind shift from the west to the north. That wind direction will bring cooler air into New England, but it will still be warm with a forecast high of 80 degrees under mostly sunny skies.

Thursday, June 15:  High pressure will remain in control heading into Thursday, keeping it dry and sunny. Unfortunately, temperatures will continue to be on the cooling trend, falling to 70 degrees. Now of course if you like it cool, Thursday will be a gorgeous day for you, but for people like me who like it hot, this will be disappointing because the heat during the start of this week will break down.

Friday, June 16:  It will still get even cooler on Friday with highs possibly only in the upper 60s. The pattern will also start to become unsettled, so now the chance for a few showers, especially in the morning, is now introduced in the forecast.

Saturday, June 17:  Next weekend will not be nearly as nice as the hot weekend we just had. Instead it will be cooler and stormy. On Saturday, a few scattered thunderstorms are possible from time to time. Otherwise it will be partly sunny with highs in the mid 70s.

Sunday, June 18: Another round of storms ahead of a cold front is appearing likely on Sunday, which is also Father’s Day, but at least temperatures may rebound into the mid 70s.