At Thursday evening’s Board of Education meeting, BoE chair Bruce Likly gave a shout out to Wilton High School plant manager Jose Figueroa, who repainted the lines of the parking spots in the high school parking lot used by juniors, making the spots larger. Figueroa re-striped the lot while school was closed on Monday, Oct. 10 to observe Columbus Day.

“They are now legally 9-ft. wide,” Likly said with evident glee. “It was really exciting to drive past that parking lot and see all those cars lined up, as opposed to scattershot.” The junior parking lot is situated along Kristine Lilly Way, south of the high school building, running parallel to Fujitani Field and Memorial Stadium.

Long the bane of parents and newly-licensed drivers alike, the lot’s striping previously was undersized, making parking difficult and leading to frequent nicks, dings and dents caused by opening doors of cars parked too close to one another. The lot is also used regularly by residents and visitors to the nearby athletic fields and other periodic events.

The re-striping project was completed for only $500, according to Likly, an easy fix for what he called “a major pain.”